Common issue’s we face while using Android

Nowadays, we use android phones for our daily communication. But sometimes we face the different problems of this smart phone operating system. Actually, android system brings the revolutionary in the mobile industry. But the consistent performance from the android family is still elusive to us. Even, day by day, the demand of Android phones is increasing in the larger proportion. So if the android family solves the problems which we are facing now, then the users will be happy and also will never migrate to the other mobile operating system.

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It is true that Android users wait for a long time to get the update of their operating system. As it is observed that the Android users always like to get the update at the regular interval. But in the reality, they could not get it frequently. So there is a great chance for the Android user of migrating to another OS family. Moreover, if the android application could not get the regular update, then the users will be most sufferers for it.


It is the serious problem where Google should carefully monitor. Because, when a developer publishes the application for the android system, then it releases for all versions of the android system. So in this direction, the Android developers should release the application for all versions in such a way that the android application runs on all the android devices without any problem.


Another point to be noted that the Android users never integrate their android devices with the social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter applications well. So they will never take the full taste of social networking applications in their Smartphones. Actually, Google should release a robust integration technique with the social networking applications. Otherwise, in course of time, Google may lose the large chunk of the Smartphone from their operating system


It is the common problem for the Android users. The reason for overheating the android phones lies on the memory allocation in the android system. So in this matter, Google should make the decent memory allocation technique in the Android operating system. But the Android programmers should allocate the memory in a wise manner. So the android application runs smoothly on any Android Smartphone. When you run an Android application on your Smartphone, then you will see that the application in the middle gets sticky and locked. It is happening due to the less amount of memory reserve in the backup front.


There is a problem of security on the android system. It is happening due to some evil attempts of the open source code. Moreover, you can do it by introducing the blockage of the holes in the source code itself. Actually, Google should have to block the leakage in the source code. So the security problem can be solved.


It is a vital problem for the Android users. Due to the weak memory management in the Android operating system, the users generally get the memory problem for it. The Android thinkers should allow the large pool of the memory in the android system. So the memory problem can be solved without any problem.

Therefore, when you will use your Android Smartphone, you should keep in your mind that the problems which you are facing now will be solved soon.

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