5 Things About SEO That Would Get You to the Top

It is not uncommon for merchants and other website owners to complain that they did not receive the required return on investment from an SEO service. Maybe the money they spent went to a loss as the amount of website traffic they expected did not come. While it is certainly possible that the SEO Company is to be blamed, there are also other factors that prevent the benefits from becoming apparent. Here is a brief insight into these problems.

Website Ownership

Is it possible that you opted for free hosting on an owned domain? Because if that is so, you probably do not have ownership of your website for all the money you invest on it. Hence, any SEO package would invariably fail to deliver the same results. Here are two reasons for it:

Free websites have less space and bandwidth.

Free Website means that there is only so much data that can be stored in your website’s server which makes it difficult for personnel to put enough keywords on site. Also, there are only so many people that can visit at a time, which means that no matter how well your site is optimized, people would leave because it is too slow.

 Free servers post their own Ads

Free web hosting servers like Blogspot or WordPress often put in their own pay per click advertisements onto the free website. This means that your website serves as an advertisement platform for other websites, when you should be utilizing your space to promote yourself! How can your results be optimal if part of your website is being used by someone else?

Demand of the Product

It is not up to an SEO consultant to determine how much traffic you already have and how much demand there is for your product. Hence, before you invest on SEO for your website’s needs, determine that you are not already mazed out on demand. If only ten people (say) require a product and 9 people are already getting it, then going for an SEO and only, at most, get you one more person. There is nothing more to do unless you can improve your marketplace for the product with adequate brand placement and standards.

Defamatory Reviews

It is not uncommon practice for parallel businesses to drop a few negative reviews of their competitors on the internet. This is especially true for people selling expensive products or services that people are likely to do research on before availing or purchasing. Hence, it pays to check out and clear any website review that you claim to be defamatory and slanderous on the internet. Your SEO package will not provide you with the same end product if people do not go to your website even after they find it to be on top.

These are a few ways things could go wrong even after availing the best SEO service. Keep an eye on all the points to have a good website experience.

Author Bio- Sonika is the owner of a widely acclaimed SEO Services Bangalore on the internet. She talks here of his experiences with clients regarding reasons why your SEO package may not give you the best results.

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