Essential Tools and Skills That Will Make Your Blogging Efforts Effective

Along with the advancements and prevalence of the internet technology also come the increasing activities in the blogosphere. Internet users are starting to turn to blogging to express their sentiments, push for an advocacy, share an expertise, or sell an item or service. On the part of the readers, they turn to blogs when researching for particular information or just whenever they just want to have a good read.

It is for these reasons that a lot of people these days take blogging to a different level. They invest a lot of time, effort and even some money to make their blog successful. However, no matter how much the invest in their blog, without the essential tools and skills, their resources won’t take them anywhere.

To start off, here are the essential tools and skills that will make your blogging efforts effective:

SEO Undertakings

People always want to read content that is concise, interesting, and informative. Thus, bloggers may focus predominantly on creating high-quality content to make their blog successful, right? Wrong.

No matter how fascinating your blog’s content can be it won’t get to as many internet users without having a good presence in search engines. For this reason, it is important to do take some or better yet, extensive SEO strategies for the blog.

Among these is optimizing the blog itself in such a way that search engines will like. Blogs should use descriptive and unique title tags and meta description tags that are suitable to the blog. On the other hand, bloggers should also be wary about over-optimizing such as overusing keywords. Search engines have a way of figuring out what the blogger is up to with an article that is awkwardly bombarded with too much keywords.

Aside from focusing on the blog itself in optimizing it for search engines, bloggers should also do some reaching out to other blogs, preferable within the same niche. The best and SEO-effective way to do this is through link building. However, this venture is not as simple as it seems and if done the wrong way, it could cause the blog to be dragged down in search results.

Among the things to keep in mind when link-building is by choosing blogs that have high ranks, most of the time. Bloggers should also be aware of anchor text optimisation, link popularity and blog popularity indicators such as page rank, domain authority, Alexa traffic rank, etc.

Blogging Tools

Bloggers can also get a lot of help from online blogging tools that they can get for free or for a couple of bucks. Among the most helpful ones are:

Content Idea Generator – A Google Doc that helps find news and stories from different stories that will be helpful for the blog;

Feedblitz or Feedburner – to facilitate email marketing by allowing visitors to sign up to the blog to receive email updates;

Blogjet – this facilitates creating and formatting blog posts from Windows;

Cloudfare – a web based tool that will protect the blog from hackers, spammers and other harmful attacks.

Social media buttons – There’s no denying that social media is at its peak right now and one of the best ways to get your blog across these social media sites are by incorporating social buttons that will lead to the popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Computer and internet connection

Aside from getting the online tools, a blogger also needs to be armed with the tangible tools and facilities for their blogging venture. Among these are the fast and reliable computer and high speed internet connection.

Most bloggers will prefer a desktop computer with a bigger monitor and keyboard that can be ergonomically positioned for the blogger’s convenience and comfort but laptop or notebooks can also be beneficial especially to those who need to be mobile all the time such as the travel bloggers.

The type of internet connection should also be chosen with the same considerations as mentioned above. Those who will be blogging from the comforts of their home most of the time can get a reliable DSL broadband connection but bloggers who are expected to be travelling on a regular basis or those who often find inspiration in writing when in certain locations such as parks or other locations where there is no WiFi will find mobile broadband indispensable. In getting the ideal high speed internet and provider that will suit a blogger’s connection needs, broadband internet services can be researched at Broadband Expert

Necessary skills and qualities

Last but definitely not the least of the things that a blogger must have in order to make blogging seem like an interesting pastime rather than an endeavour is the skills and qualities.

First and foremost, a blogger must be adept in conversational writing and should have an excellent grammar. A blogger should also be patient in proofreading before clicking the ‘submit’ button, to make sure that the content is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Another trait that a blogger should possess is the diligence in checking the blog’s comments and replying to them even by simply thanking the first time commenters.

To finish off, a blogger should always be motivated to create new content that will continuously interest the subscribers and entice readers and visitors to sign up. This can be achieved as long as the blogger is able to choose the niche that he is very knowledgeable about, or very interested in.

About the author:

Mara B. is a writer/blogger who delves into different topics related to the internet such as high speed internet, mobile broadband and broadband providers.

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