How smartly to add background music to wordpress

One can very easily share audio on the blog and that too in a variety of ways. The only thing which should be kept in mind is that if one wish to upload the audio file form his computer itself then he would need to purchase the Space Upgrade. One cannot upload audio files without the Space Upgrade. With Space Upgrade one can purchase zip files and audio files of the following format: .mp3, m4a, .wav and .ogg.

Adding Background Music to the blog:

There are 4 different ways to do this. These are:

1.  From the internet upload an .mp3, .wav or .m4a file and link it to the blog using the audio shortcodes. If your browser does not support HTML5 audio or else if Flash Player is not installed then a direct download link will be displayed. The shortcodes will appear like this: with the address of the link inside it.

2.  Purchase the Space Upgrade: The Space Upgrade software will permit you to upload files of the following format .mp3, .m4a or .ogg to the blog. The file can be uploaded in the Media Library of the WordPress blog. While inserting the file into some of the post or the page make sure to click on the none button option and then click on the Insert into Post button. If the file is of the format of .mp4, .m4a or .wav then it will insert the shortcodes of the audio player either into the post or in the page itself.

3.  Creating a downloadable link: One can also create a downloadable link to a file if the file is hosted somewhere else. Those file may be required by the readers of the post to play it on their own computers. However it would be good to respect and follow all the wishes of the copyright holder if one is thinking to upload or link to a file that is hosted somewhere else. The documents can be uploaded in the WordPress using the Add Media icon. The complete process of it is as follows: First Go to Post then click on the Add New or Pages and then to Add New option. After that simply click on the Add Media icon which is directly above the editor. And the work is done.

4.  Sound Cloud Audio Player: Embed the following player. Sound Cloud makes the sharing of music easy and exceptionally fast. It supports uploading of files of almost all formats like that of AIFF, WAVE, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA. For tracking of the playlist go to the site of Sound Cloud and search the sound that you are looking for. Once the song is found look for the Share option. Sharing will make the job done. However if the button is not found then the respective playlist could not be able to play outside the Sound Cloud website.

Thus following any of the above four described ways one can easily and very smartly add the background music to the site.

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