How to use Texture in Website Design and Some resources

Designing is a creative piece of art and it must be done out of passion and not compulsion. If you do not love your art then it will be evident. It is a talent and not something which you can gain after going through some courses. Yes, definitely professional courses help but it helps those who already have the talent in them but just need some polishing.

Even web designing is one form of art which can be taken to next level if you have that passion and zest for creating something new with all the technical knowledge. You have to come out with unique layout and for that if you need any specific tools and equipment then they will be provided to you by the company for which you are working. Using textures in your designing will help you create a new layout and bring out a complete new meaning.

Using textures in Website design

By using certain textures you can actually lift the spirit or mellow down the mood or highlight the important part, you can actually play around with the textures while creating something new.


  • Popular use of texture – Noise is the popular choice among the web designers today as it can add depth and create interest in almost any design starting from background to buttons. If you want to use noise texture effectively then you have to be subtle in its application. It must smoothly blend so that it becomes quite difficult to distinguish through naked eyes.
  • True to life effects – If you want to create true to life effects or create illusion then using the textures helps in bringing out the effect and this has been tried and tested by many designers with successful outcome.
  •  Solid colors – This texture has been in use since ages and people are not getting bored out of instead they are trying to experiment with it even more. Today the colors are used more in a sophisticated way by keeping the tone of the color down and this adds up to the visual interest of the users.
  • Brick texture – Having wooden background has become commonplace but when it comes to brick it is quite unique as the colors of the brick are quite dark but if used intelligently then it can make a huge difference.

Making a difference

If you want to make each part of your web design look totally different from each other then you can do that just by using different textures for different parts. The mood and tone of each design will be unique to its content.

If you want to highlight the content then using subtle texture will help you without getting loud, the information will draw the attention.

First, decide which one is important and accordingly plan the designing with the texture and color so that you emphasize the important things and bring it out to grab instant attention of the viewer.

Author- Adding a touch of reality by using concrete or metal or even wooden textures can create magic for your web design and SEO India Agency is known for creating magic with colors. So, designing is all the more fun when you have so many tools to play around.

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