Passion vs Purpose: What you need to know before start blogging


Blogging is something in which people write articles on their blogs and share it through social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and bookmarking sites. But it is often seen that bloggers fail to create the enthusiasm of their blogs towards its readers. The result of it is that the blog becomes less successful and so are the bloggers. Sometimes people need a driving force to push the blogger to the next successful level. The driving force can be either in the form of a Passion or can be a Purpose.


Both passion and purpose has its own value while blogging. Let’s have a close look to each of the following things.

To start blogging is full of hardships, challenge and pressure. It is the toughest phase for every blogger. People also don’t make money in their initial stages. Thus people need to be passionate of their goal and don’t think much o making money through the blog or any other factor which can distract them.

How can blogging be someone’s passion?

1.  Learn new things:  In the initial stage no one knows basics of blogging, basics of writing and about SEO. People learn from their mistakes and by learning new things. Have a positive attitude towards blogging.

2.  Be in other world while blogging: Everyone has their own personal life but when you write blogs just forget the things that are happening in the world. Learning about blogging needs some time and one should spend more and more time in it.

3.  Money is secondary: When it comes to blogging, money should be a secondary factor. The priority should be to be a better blogger. The people who are passionate towards blogging don’t care much about money.


Just as passion is necessary for blogging similarly purpose is equally important. One should have a purpose to write blogs. Everyone has some purpose for something. While writing a blog what’s your purpose? Are you promoting a particular product? Or are expressing you? Are you trying to educate people or else trying to arouse any discussion?

Writing a blog with some purpose can be seen as the article will shine through in writing. One would be able to meet the readers with a personal level which is always an essential part of any blog. If someone is writing a review and want the reader to buy the product then the writer should write in such a way that the reader would be convinced through your writing. If someone writes with purpose then he can change the mind of a person. Purposeful blog can change an opinion and can change the reader into buyer.


Thus it can be concluded that while writing any blog or while start any blogging both passion and purpose is required equally. With the fail of any of the above mentioned driving force one will not be able to become a successful blogger in his or her life. Without purpose and passion blogging seems to be incomplete. They are the opposite sides of the same coin.

This Post is written by Kelly. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, wordpress, Gamification, travelling and health etc. These days she contributes on luxury homes designs

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