Why Internal Linking is Important for Your SEO

Search engine ranking continues to be one of the most important parts of owning a website. Whether you have a website for business purposes or just own a blog, having a high ranking means that more people will visit your site, increasing your overall traffic.Internal Links are links that point to other pages within the same website and help with search engine optimization in a few different ways. Let’s review exactly what happens when you have a website with a good amount of internal links.

Help Search Engines Find Every Page Within Your Site

The way search engines find new content and determine how to rank the pages within your website is by sending automatic bots, usually referred to as “spider bots”. These bots will continue to just go over all of the content in your site and hop from one page to another through internal links. What happens if you create a new page on your website that doesn’t link to any other page? Well, then you risk the spider never finding the page, which means it will never be ranked.

A popular solution to make sure that every page at least has one link is to have a site map. A site map is a page that just has a link to every single page available in the website, making it much easier for the spiders to find everything your website has to offer.

Anchor Text

Placing the link into informative keywords will help the SEO of the linked page by an incredible amount. For example, if the targeted keyword phrase for the linked page is “best SEO techniques”, then using that in the anchor text will let the spiders know what the page is about as soon as they enter the page. It also makes the site much easier for readers to navigate.

If your readers have a hard time finding content or are mislead by incorrect anchor texts, they might not stay on your site and move to your competitor’s website

User Friendly Website

As I mentioned in the last section, having a user friendly website is important to keep them engaged and interested in the website. By having lots of internal links, it keeps them busy and also all of your content readily available for them to click on. The best thing to do is to always have links implemented into pages that are around the same topic. There is a much higher chance of your users being interested in something related to what they were just looking at, other than a topic that is completely different.

If your site offers a lot of information on a whole wide range of topics, just make a navigation bar that can make finding your content easy. Navigation bars are also considered to be internal links that are accessible by spiders, so don’t hold back.

Optimize your Site Before it Gets Worse

A lot of websites use the search box as the main way for visitors to find content, which can work if they have everything properly tagged, but spiders don’t search.  Since spiders won’t take the time and resources to search a website for every keyword, it makes it very hard for them to find content that doesn’t have any links attached to them. Countless amounts of pages are hidden to search engines simply because they have no way of finding them, so if you own a website that doesn’t use plenty of internal links, it might be time to change.

The longer someone waits to update their website, the harder it is going to be to make sure all of the pages are linked together. The sooner you start working on organizing all of your pages and getting internal links on them, the better. It might take a lot of time to get everything optimized, but you will be glad you did. What is the point of having a lot of content on your site if it is hidden?

You might even rank for a few keywords you thought never worked, either way, internal linking will help your overall SEO efforts and your visitors will be happy you changed your navigation process.

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