How Passion Drives Business Ownership

A NASSCOM survey in 2014 stated that India is the third largest and the fastest growing start up ecosystem in the world. That there has been no better time to venture into start-ups is a fact well known. An environment conducive to growth, ready availability of capital and acquisitions are the factors that have driven this start-up trend.Add to this a generation that is savvy, young and diverse and is not afraid to test the waters of the entrepreneurial ocean, and you get a winning combination. Also, the unparalleled growth of the ecommerce industry all across the globe has led to a never before seen transformation. Entrepreneurs are eager to capitalize on this rapidly exploding market and provide ecommerce solutions to people in varied sectors such as healthcare, education ( like PMP Training), technology, retail and other sectors.

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But above all, passion is what drives entrepreneurs towards business ownership. In the classic sense, business ownership means owning a business and having control over its functioning. Being the business owner of a successful venture with CSM Certification can be very rewarding. While many may view it as a risk, once the risk bears fruit you are your own master. Along with the sense of having built something special, you also get financial rewards, learning opportunities and immense personal freedom.

All around us are examples of very successful entrepreneurs who attribute their achievements to passion. Steve Jobs’passion forpersonal computing made him develop the MacBook Air while Jeff Bezos passion for developing a one-stop-shop led to the creation of Amazon.

The idea of starting a business without passion is almost unthinkable. Passion is what drives you each morning to get up and seize the day. For start-up entrepreneurs, this passion may take root from the knowledge of a product or service and the urge to share it with other people. Passion translates to boundless energy that drives you and motivates employees in your organization to perform better. The reasons why passion drives business ownership is:

  • Passion helps you concretize your ideas
  • Passion keeps you motivated
  • Passion helps you pick up the pieces even after spectacular defeat
  • Passion instils a sense of loyalty among employees


But passion is not like a bottomless pit. There are numerous cases of start-up failures attributed to ‘lost passion’. Boredom, stress, failures, lack of motivation, or too much work can all lead to loss of passion. The trick here is to get back your mojo by first analysing why you lost it and then taking steps to revive it.


  • Remembering why you started the venture: This can be the best solution to revive your passion. Remember how excited you used to first be when a business idea came to your head and how you thought you could change the world. Think of the goals you set to achieve. If you feel lost, just think back about your first success and how it inspired you to do better.
  • Keeping yourself open to new ideas: Life is a process of continuous learning. Routines are boring and can sap you of your energy whereas learning something new is a great way to reconnect with your passion and motivate yourself.

Celebrating your success and pampering yourself: One of the major reasons why people quit is because they are overworked. They burn out before they can reach their full potential and their lives lack balance. While working hard is a factor for the success of any venture, do not overdo it. Take time out for yourself, rejuvenate and celebrate your success. Focus on the things that make you happy and the passion will never end.

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