How to Use Twitter More Effectively in Business

Twitter is a valuable instrument for any business. The creation of the business account in Twitter is a good idea. It is possible to think up many ways of using Twitter in business.

The existence of a Twitter-account is the optimum beginning for the creation of memorable image of your brand in the Network. The style of managing Twitter has to fit the image you try to create in the Net. Your Twitter account has to contain a consecutive series messages from the brand. Such messages should be memorable and useful to your followers. The best variant is when the followers see Twitter as a point of access to the freshest information, as a customer service system and a place for transactions.


You can also use Twitter to answer the clients’ questions. It can be an operational communication channel, the way of the fast solution of your clients’ problems. Twitter is also a convenient instrument of informing people about the latest news of your company. Your clients often address you in Twitter in a case when they want to share their ideas or thoughts about something related to your business. If you react to mentioning of your brand in Twitter, you show clients your ability to listen to them. Thereby you encourage them to continue the communication.

If you have an important message for your audience, experts advise to tweet it during the day several times. However do not go too far and not apply this method often; it is enough to update a tweet three times: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. You can increase the audience scope in such way. To involve more attention to your massages use hashtags and links. Hashtags are words follower by the # symbol. They help organized topics discussed on Twitter. Not every tweet has to include a hashtag. The most appropriate variant is to use one or two hashtags per tweet. Using too many hashtags makes it difficult for others to read a massage.

Posting the important data and useful advices, you can construct the strong positions in the Internet that will help the audience to distinguish you from many similar companies in the same branch. Twitter will allow you to be the most transparent for the clients and raise their trust level to your company.

Some companies use Twitter as a kind of communication in the organization. It can be successfully used to save time and money. Forget about e-mail and infinite phone calls to your employees. With the help of Twitter, you can send the short instruction, describing what exactly the employees have to do.

You can use Twitter to establish new connections and communicate with other professionals in your business sphere. Thank to a bit informal nature of communication, Twitter gives the chance to strike up conversation with other people easily.
Utilize your existing networks by incorporating your tweets into Facebook. You can add a Twitter tab to your profile. Moreover, you can add a link to your Twitter account in the info section of your profile.

Pay attention, one of the mistakes of using Twitter is to use it as the habitual blog. Do not think that the more followers you have, the more authoritative blog is. This principle does not work in Twitter. Here the authoritativeness is defined by quantity of retweets.

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