Web Optimization Tips: Going Local

Web optimization is all about keeping visitors happy and making the site easier to find and access. Whether you are starting an SEO campaign or you simply want to optimize the design and performance of your site, these are the two objectives you need to aim for. There are a lot of things you can do to further optimize your site. One of them is going local.


What does it mean to go local?

Most of us will find an affordable web hosting service and go for a .com domain name when starting a new site. This is the standard practice and there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to target a local market, however, going local is the way to go.

You can start by registering a country-specific domain name for your site. You can register domain name Canada or a .ca domain name rather easily now that there are a lot of reputable domain name registrars that handles Canadian domains.

The same goes for hosting. Hosting companies across Canada are offering valuable services at reasonable rates, so finding a local web hosting to use will not be a difficult task to complete. You can still have all the features you need even when using a local web hosting service.

With the combination in use, your site is officially targeting a local market segment. It will be accessible even when the international link is down. Of course, your visitors can access the site much faster thanks to the close proximity.

What are the benefits of going local?

The primary benefit of taking your site to a country-specific target market is visibility. Local search engines will recognize your site and put it on a much higher rank compared to international sites. Even Google now consider proximity and country-specific aspects when determining your search engine position.

Using a .ca domain name is also good for your credibility. Add a Canadian address and be active in your local community. These seemingly small acts will greatly boost your credibility, which in turn will increase your conversion rate greatly. With visitors already trusting your company or site, converting them into sales will not be difficult at all.

Working with a local web hosting company also means you get a number of conveniences. For starters, you can visit the data centre directly and make backups of your site. You can also copy large files onto the servers without having to go through the painful upload process.

Should my site go local?

The answer to this question depends on the main market segment you are targeting. If you want your site to target people in Canada most, then going local is the way to go. Even with a country-specific domain and a local hosting, you can still reach the rest of the world without a problem. You get the best of both worlds: good local performance and optimization as well as global presence as a Canadian company that is both reputable and reliable at the same time.