IT outsourcing is a great way to get professional service but at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house staff. The benefits of outsourcing range from reduced operating costs to access to better technologies. However, there are a number of mistakes businesses make when it comes to outsourcing. Familiarizing yourself with these mistakes […]

Marketing is one of the most important departments in any business, no matter how large or small it is. After all, without the right marketing technique, you won’t be known by the masses and you’ll miss out on selling whatever products or services you offer. So if you’ve been struggling, it’s time to change things […]

Every now and then, new businesses are coming up. As the day passes by, with every new entry, the competition is becoming fierce. In order to beat the competition, a business has to effectively understand the needs of customers and produce goods and services for offering the best returns. New companies have limited financial resources […]

Business schools and accredited MBA degree courses aim to provide students with a preparation for senior management roles in business. This is done by exposing students to all the different factors of running or managing a business, including finance, marketing, accounting, and human resources. Unlike many other business-related master’s degree courses which specialize in a […]

Innovation is drastically going beyond the limit of formal R&D to redefine everything. In the 21st century, innovation doesn’t mean only using design to develop new products and services but also new & unique applications from old technologies. It also aims for new processes & structures to improve performance in diverse areas & to enhance […]

A NASSCOM survey in 2014 stated that India is the third largest and the fastest growing start up ecosystem in the world. That there has been no better time to venture into start-ups is a fact well known. An environment conducive to growth, ready availability of capital and acquisitions are the factors that have driven […]

Growing an online business can be pretty tough, particularly in the early stages when you don’t have a lot of cash flow. If your website is a side gig to earn you some extra cash it’s not normally a problem, but if your income is dependent on your business then you need a way to […]

SEO is an essential element of online marketing efforts. It is one of the most effective ways for you to reach your target audience and the customers who need your products or services. SEO is a simple way to gain more free traffic and the customers you need to create a profitable business. It also […]

To become exceptional at content marketing, you have to source some insights from smart marketers. Today, content marketing is competitive and harder than ever. A year or two ago, it stood out as the big ‘IT’ among digital marketers. Moving forward, many businesses will definitely output original pieces that satisfy and surprise readers all around […]

Managing personal finances can get quite messy. This is especially so if you are one of those people who are constantly carrying out huge transactions. There is money that needs to go here and another amount to some other place. You have forgotten to budget for shopping and the kids’ allowances for the week. It […]

Smartphones continue to change how people carry out tasks in their daily lives. With the ability to run a variety of downloaded applications, smartphones enable you to go online, watch videos and read books. Downloadable finance apps have made it easier for everyone to manage their finances regardless of what time it is or where […]