An animator is an artist who creates multiple images. The illusion he gives of these images moving is a process called animation. This is usually done by playing each frame one by one quickly. The images are called frames and key frames. Animators work with films, television shows, and video games. Among the specialization of […]

Facebook will complete its 10 years of its start on 4th February 2014. Its a Dorm Room project started by Mark Zuckerberg along with few friends as which have attracted more than 1Billion users throughout the world. TIME Magazine have created a calculator which calculates the amount of Time you have wasted on Facebook from […]

Do you know how the internet id Growing and how the Internet business is bending? If you are on the internet business then you will be excited to know about it. The Face of the Internet has Changed more than you have ever Imagined. So I want to present you the Most Most & Shocking […]

Today the online world is infested with a large number of websites. Most of the website belongs to small and medium sized companies. Most of the company owners prefer to create their websites using open source scripting language. PHP is one of the most famous scripting languages and is the most preferred scripting language all […]

Cloud computing is a concept to access data and services on a remote server. Cloud Computing As mentioned in the above line; Cloud computing is a concept to access data and services on a remote server. Traditionally, the company used its own infrastructure for hosting services. They bought therefore own servers and ensured the development and maintenance […]

Mass transit systems still dominate transportation systems in cities worldwide. Fast, safe, efficient and reliable, urban train systems also offer commuters an experience that can never compare to any other transport mode in the modern world. Train commuting to and from work has its own brand of sociology and commuter behaviors vary from one urban […]