Home automation refers to using mechanical, electrical, or (increasingly) digital means by which to move various home functions from manual to automated. Home automation takes many forms and can be as simple as having a remote controlled thermostat, or as complex as having an entirely automated (or as close as possible, under the circumstances) home, […]

If you are running an online business today, you appreciate the competitive nature of the industry. While the internet marketplace allows businesses to extend their market reach, there is also increased competition, which puts smaller companies at a disadvantage. Such a challenge requires innovative thinking to overcome. A beautiful website is no longer enough to […]

Understanding the working of the digital marketing and web designing is an immense task, and there are so many different factors associated with it. The PPC is one such factor which you need to understand to earn revenue from your website. Once you have built a website or online content the main aim would be […]

With the advent of outdoor digital signage, the traditional billboard advertisings such as hoardings and big print ads have now become outdated. These electronic message boards are quite cost effective due to the LED display technology. Such creative advertising helps business to keep their display content fresh and new every day. Many studies have proven […]

File transfer between iPhone and PC is a real hassle, especially for non-tech savvy people. Apple tells users that iTunes can help sync files between computer and iOS devices. However, few people are willing to use this bloated, complicated, yet features-limited software. After spending plenty of time reading relevant instructions, most people still can’t take […]

Online purchases account for close to 20% of our country’s GDP. And credit card transactions accounted for more than US$800 million spent by US customers in 2016, with a large portion of that amount being credited to online shopping. Pair these facts with smartphone penetration on the market, and it is easy to see how […]