Ever since the first website was built, the world has constantly been increasing its connectivity network into our present-day internet world, where virtually everything can be connected. With the Internet of Things (IoT) taking shape, we’re seeing another Internet revolution brewing just below the surface, and you might just miss it if you’re not keen. […]

Windows is the de facto operating system choice for around 90% of the world’s population. There’s something about windows that just makes it easy to use. It’s the widespread availability and easily available support which makes Windows the platform of choice for all of the users. Windows has seen major changes since the time Windows […]

There are Millions of Websites present online. But you know what is the First Website Created ever. The First website was launched on April 30th, 1993 which is hosted at http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html . Now this website has been restored and is live online. Tim Berners-Lee published the idea behind W3. It is surely a HTML Website […]

Finally Rovio (Creator of Angry Bird game) has released its all new game The Croods! Which have been spread Virally over the Social Network before its launch. The Croods! game is developed by Rovio in collaboration with Dreamworks. Currently the game is available for Android and iOS platform only. The game is about a modern family named as […]

Its 2013, and now the Gangnam Style has became Old. Now its time for “Harlam Shake” Dance Style. Last year Youtube’s Top Viewed Video was th Gangnam Style.  But this year it has changed to the “Harlam Shake” Dance Style. The Video went Viral in February 2013. The Gangnam Style dance craze was done in Offices, […]

A new Indian Anonymous Hacker named “p0isonOus” has successfully Penetrated a sub-domain of mit.edu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The subdomain was hacked on 9th February 2013 and was restored after that. The Hacker left his Sign as – “b0x own3d by p0isonOus 😉 Bitch Please,Where Is the Security. 😐 This is c4ll3d R0y4L h4X!ng 🙂 Gr33tz t0 […]

Social media is really popular now and we have a lot of famous social media websites. These websites are playing an important role in different aspects. People use them to share their ideas and keep in touch with their friends and family members. They serve as important forums and reflect the general thinking of society. […]