Social media is really popular now and we have a lot of famous social media websites. These websites are playing an important role in different aspects. People use them to share their ideas and keep in touch with their friends and family members. They serve as important forums and reflect the general thinking of society. […]

By all accounts, the Australian economy is doing far better than others in the world: the property market has appeared to be on the up and up, as of late, with auctions hitting a new record high on October’s Super Saturday; the national currency maintains its strong standing; inflation is relatively low. On the downside, […]

There are tones of rumors we are hearing and viewing daily about the arrival and release of the new Apple’s iPad Mini. You might have read articles about the features of the new iPad and the rumoring dates of launch. Apple was considered to be the one Company which can keep secrets but this time […]

YouTube has designed a unique feature to help those who gather news from around the globe. It so happens that sometimes it is essential to hide the faces of people in the videos for security reasons. Certain human rights organizations feel the need to mask the faces in order to protect identity. Neither video sharing […]

Drop all your plans to send unlimited SMS greetings to your dear ones this festival season. The Indian government has imposed a nationwide ban on bulk SMSes and MMSes. Till August 31, people can send only 5 SMS per day; the post-paid customers can still enjoy unlimited SMS. This will seriously affect business. There is […]

The famous annual gathering called hacker Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a hacker activist Nick Farr said he is nearing the moment when the international hacker community in orbit will get its first satellite, with the aim “to seize control of the terrestrial entity.” Farr says that on the collection of money for the launch […]