Twitter New Features In Instagram Battle

Dec 19, 2012 Likan Patra 0

The world of internet has given many people the chance to communicate and do things everyone almost think to be impossible. With the possibilities around, one of the best that people got is the chance of editing their photos. On the other hand, there are […]

Google + Local: The New Google geolocation tool

Dec 19, 2012 Guest Post 0

Although the brand and the Google Local service already existed, the novelty is that the Internet giant has integrated this service to your social network. Google said goodbye to his service Google Places to make way for a new functionality within their social network. This […]

Hackers are sending a satellite into space

Aug 6, 2012 Likan Patra 0

The famous annual gathering called hacker Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a hacker activist Nick Farr said he is nearing the moment when the international hacker community in orbit will get its first satellite, with the aim “to seize control of the terrestrial entity.” Farr […]

All About the Versions of Windows 8

Apr 18, 2012 Likan Patra 0

Most of us are waiting for the Release of Windows 8 but as there were different versions of Windows XP , Vista and 7 such as Professional, Home Basic, Ultimate and other, what versions will windows 8 will have? Many of my friends have asked […]