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How to Recover WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone

Mar 31, 2017 Likan Patra 0

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps for smartphone these days. It is one of the best replacement for text messaging and the communication is instant. Moreover, WhatsApp allows you to exchange pictures, videos, voice messages and phone calls for free without […]

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What is the Importance of Technical Writing in Modern Era?

Nov 15, 2015 Guest Post 0

Technical Writing as developed to be an important aspect of the technical communications. Whether it be computer software, hardware, engineering, robotics, finance, biotechnology or consumer electronics, Technical writing is utilized in all such fields for conveying data about a particular or more things to the […]

4 Ways to Increase Your Writing Skills

Sep 6, 2015 Guest Post 0

Being a blogger is challenging but very beautiful. In order to be successful, there is only one single skill you need to have: creative writing. You communicatethrough the written word with your audience, and you must be really good at it, especially if you are […]

Printer buying tips 2015

Apr 20, 2015 Likan Patra 0

Printers can cost a lot of money, especially ones that are able to produce very high quality prints. Therefore, if you are in need of a new laser jet printer, it would be in your best interests to do as much research as you can […]

How To Transfer Data From iphone To Mac

Mar 17, 2015 Ravi Kumar Gupta 0

It has been many years since the iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone and the path in which we impart. A great deal has changed from that point forward; however, the major constraints forced by Apple against transfer of iPhone data to computer remain. This article […]