Being a Technology Blog, we always want our Readers to know more about Technology. If you think you are a Geek and you love Gadgets then you will definitely Participate in this giveaway. This New Year you can get a Chance to Win a Spy Camera Pen and a Spy Camera Keychain.

You must have seen in Movies where a Spy Agent or a Spy Kid record secret Videos through a Pen which is loaded with camera. You can get that Pen and can become a Spying Agent.

Here at RIGHTyaLEFT we love our readers the most so we organize different giveaways from the beginning. We are happy that our Readers enjoy the products.

spy cam in pen and keyring

You can use this to Record anything ( Video or Audio ) from anywhere anytime. I hope you like this and will participate to Win.

Features of the Spycam Pen and Keychain-

  • Features USB Digital Video Recorder
  • For Video File Transfer Auto Detect Function on Computer
  • For Video File Transfer Driver free installation,
  • For Video File Transfer Plug & Play Model No Driver or CD Required
  • Even Direct transfer of Video File to computer using a Card Reader – No Need to connect pen to computer, Just attach the Memory card to a card reader.
  • Just insert a Memory Card & This Spy Pen can even use as a Pendrive to store Data
  • Memory Expandable upto 16 Gb
  • Color Spy Pen Pinhole Camera
  • No In built memory
  • Expandable Micro Sd Card Slot
  • Works as a USB drive

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  • geekxpot

    If I win this, I will be able to spy on my girlfriend. Too bad you can’t see her, because her name is Imagination :v :v :v

  • Cyril Ann Dalisay

    I want to win the spy pen b’coz i can record an act of anyone without his notice :)

  • Rounak Baral

    I want that spy pen cam ., Have no perfect reason in mind at this ppoint . But who knows that I might get some use of it :D

  • Kavya Seetala

    I want to win a spy camera so that I can watch what my maid does when I am sleeping.She always makes several noises as If trying to steal something.

  • Pooja Arora

    Can i keep reason secret ? Hope you don’t mind, will definitely let you know once mission accomplished … :)

  • Sonesh Lakhani

    I will win spy camera pen

  • Gagan Masoun

    Finger crossed

  • Sampath Cool

    I want to win this one and need very badly. So that it will help me find the Home thief in our house.
    My money is getting robbed by some one in my family so this could really help me.

    Hoping to win it. :)

  • Prateek

    Anything. Both are awesome gadgets ^_^ :)

  • Yachit

    Just for the heck of winning a giveaway!

  • karin

    Any of them

  • Angel Hernández

    I want soem recording glasses, and the pen, totally.

  • vinay patil

    I would like to win any spy stuff because I haven’t yet used any

  • Kashish Jain

    I always fancied these spy stuff as a child when I saw them on TV especially the spy camera pen but they are neither easily available nor cheap so never got a chance to use them in real life. I hope I win the Spy Camera Pen as I dont have a car so keychain will probably not work right for my spying activities ;) :D

  • Pratik Doshi

    Spy camera pen because i want to catch people red handed

  • Borsch

    It must have to

  • Tate

    The spy pen, it’s not a suspicious gadget and can be carried freely almost anywhere

  • Aman Singh Bhalla

    spy pen

  • Meelis

    pen,mutch better to hide

  • Tiago Rosado

    i would like a spy pen for no other reason that is fraking cool!!!

  • Gökhan Gurbetoğlu

    Spy Camera Pen because it is awesome!

  • ratba

    PEN; it’s so handy and nobody realizes that I am a spy

  • Maricel

    I want to win the key chain. Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  • John Wayne

    The Spy Camera Pen, cause it’s small and looks awesome!

  • Roxana Plesa

    I could spy whoever I want,it’s awesome and I love both of them.

  • Debra Elliott

    My grandson loves spy gadgets

  • dementia

    I want the spy pen!

  • Paula Whelan

    Not exactly for spying but having a small device that is easy to carry means that I would have it with me when I want to record. I would ‘spy’ on wildlife, especially birds, insects and spiders. I love spiders and would like to record one building a web.
    Another spy device I would like is a tiny amplifier so I could listen in on others’ conversations.

  • Nero Tran

    The Spy Camera Pen. I love this stuff, it’s very geeky.

  • Nino Sangalang II

    I want to have this cool gadget because I’m cool and geek. Since I love ballpen, having 30+ collections of it, I want to add this type of ballpen that will complete my dream set of ballpens. :) -Fan from Philippines :D

  • opalnera

    I want to win the keychain. I’ll give it to a friend of mine who is a lover of gadgets and investigations =)

  • Rayray Cartucci

    The spy pen or keychain because my husband likes to think of himself as a spy. He would really enjoy this!

  • Marina

    I would like to have the spy pen! :D I’m a true geek and you never know when you’ll need it.

  • Siddharth Samal

    I want it ! I want it ! I want it ! … When i was a kid .. i always dreamt of spying (inspired by spy kids ofcourse) and still i wish to do it .. at least once !

  • Kelvin Xin

    The spy pen would be nice. Better disguise i guess.

  • bdtrickz

    just want to try spy pen

  • Ashik Nesin

    I want to win Spy Key chain because I love to have gadgets like this :)

  • Debbie

    I would love to have a spy peh!

  • Iwan Taurus

    Camera Pen. I love this stuff

  • Big Sky

    I would love to try the spy pen. Great for keeping track of what is going on when you sign something!

  • Carmina Aguilar

    I want a camera pen :D

  • Anuj Sharma

    I want the spy pen because i want to teach a lesson to all those people who fake trust!

  • Jyotirmaya

    Really!! I want one to test :)

  • Garg Ankit

    Camera pen must be good to try ;)