5 Ways a School Campus can benefit from Digital Signage

Virtually every student today owns a smartphone. This is what makes the use of digital signage the most natural way of communicating with them. The modern day community pays more attention to visually appealing screens and not static images. There are different ways that digital signage can be implemented in schools both inside halls and in hallways. Here are some of the ways this solution can benefit a school.


Increase safety

Safety emergencies, threats, hostile intrusions and weather alerts are a common occurrence in school campuses. Information on emergencies needs to be available to the students and other staffs as soon as they are received. Digital signage makes it easy to do this. The screens can be situated in different locations so that once the emergency code is fed into the system, the pre-customized emergency procedure message is sent. This system makes it easier and quicker to send emergency massages across the school.


Enhance connection

The main use of digital signage within the school campus is to inform the staffs, faculty and students. When deployed in the main public areas like student lounges, facility lobbies and cafeterias, the system will provide a reliable link between the administrators and the students. Information can be segmented so that sports information is published in the screens located in the gym whereas changes in the curriculum will be displayed in the screens located in the lobbies and so on. All in all, for this system to work, the right digital signage content has to be created. Content that is too boring will be received poorly.



When a student does something special and you want to acknowledge him or her, you can do so on the digital signage screens. These screens can be used to give information on the best performers and so on. Student results can also be displayed on the screens rather than relying on the traditional boards.


Help with navigation

Airports rely heavily on digital signage to help their customers find their way around the airport. This can also be used in a school campus. Finding your way around a large school for the first time can be hard. Digital signage can hence be implemented to help students and guests find their way around the concrete jungle. For example, touch-enabled screens can be situated at the gate so that visitors can interact with them when looking for specific buildings within the campus. This will save time and make the campus friendlier to guests.


Generate revenue

If you want to generate revenue within the campus, you can make use of dynamic and vibrant advertisements. You can have screens in specific locations displaying relevant content. For example, the screens in the bookstore can advertise upcoming sales. You can then charge advertisers a small fee for the service.


Digital signage is definitely one of the most effective and affordable way of getting the word out within a large school campus. The right content will streamline campus communications, while at the same time sustaining better communication protocols for the school.


Author Bio

Jeff Chang is a digital signage specialist working with Linksys International. He often recommends the use of dopublicity.com for people in need of expert help.