An overview of Video games and its History

Never before has there been such an amazement and anticipation as found in the video game industry. The real-life action of figures, the ability to control, and the adrenalin-pumping sensation, has taken the gaming community to levels of fascination, unseen before. Many find this type of fixation unhealthy for less than stable individuals, and young kids that have not yet formed a realistic presence in society, but the games just keep getting more intense.

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History of Gaming

The first video game was introduced in 1958, and was played on an oscilloscope. As primitive as this was, it opened the door for creative minds to conjure up new ways of time-passing fun. The first video game for TV was developed and marketed in 1967. Sports and space aliens were the main topic of choice and provided simple nodes that bounced across the screen. Video game consoles arrived in 1972, and was released by Magnavox. Slow to catch on with software containing 12 games, it was not until the early 1980s that the electronic methods were stable enough to attract the public.

Video Game Companies and Software Development

Competition for a part of the action arose in 2006 with Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo at the realm. This created a huge slate for independent software companies to show their ingenuity through powerful, interaction games. The mild bouncing tennis balls and asteroids of space, began to be replaced with humans that moved, talked and reacted to certain conditions.


Today’s Attraction to Action

Software development companies have gained an upper hand over a field that was once controlled by integrity and morals. Anything goes in a world where the more realistic, challenging, and competitive the game, the more thrilling the adventure. Everything from one-on-one combats to a story that unfolds, with the player in command, has created a past time, unlike any movie.

Software Gaming Industry Giants

Many software gaming companies have started as individuals that were looking to provide a unique form of entertainment. One such company, Activision Blizzard, has been beneficial in keeping a free market for developers, instead of being ruled financially, by the video game companies served. This type of success has earned respect throughout the corporate community and has opened them to substantial business ventures. For example, a board member of coca-cola bobby kotick, started his software career as a college student, eventually dropping out of school, at the direction of Steve Jobs.

The gaming community has been a way for creative, career-driven individuals to pursue a dream without having to conform to strict corporate rules. By being selected to serve on various boards of major companies proves that there is a need for their thinking outside of the box nature. However, the freedom of advancement causes some to wonder if or when this market has gone too far. Drawing the line between reality and fun is becoming a question that will soon have to be addressed. But for now, those with a diligence and mind-set of creating on their own terms, has become a very lucrative example of starting at the bottom and landing at the top.

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