GPS BIKE MOUNTS: What You Need to Know

GPS bike mounts are designed for navigation; to help you find your way when cycle touring in territories that you are not familiar with. They also come in handy when using some of the new GPS-enabled applications while riding. You don’t have to be a pro to use GPS bike mounts. Armatures who are after keeping or getting fit can use them to keep track of how far they have cycled. They also help you to monitor your cycling movement and to assess your performance.

The GPS bike mounts hold firmly on to the handle bars and you have no worries even when mountain riding where the terrain is uneven and rough. If you have been wondering how you can keep track of how fast you are moving downhill, uphill or around a certain circuit, these bike mounts are for you. You also get to know how many calories you have burnt, the distance you have covered and where you are  at any given time. All these features are inside the GPS Bike mount.

Most of these gadgets are built for all weather conditions. You don’t have to worry that they will get spoilt in the scorching sun or while riding in the rain or on dirt roads. This is not true for phones. Some riders are still using phones on mounts instead of GPS bike mounts, but few phones, if any, are built to withstand hot sun, rain or a lot of shaking. Most of them will crack. Most phones, in sunlight, are not readable, which is not the case for your GPS gadget.

The GPS gadgets also weigh less than the phones and you can operate them with the gloves on unlike phones. Another reason for you to change from smartphones to GPS bike mounts is because you don’t want to lose a phone that you use in your professional life in a bike crash. GPS bike mounts can go for miles without needing to be recharged. They have a longer battery life compared to phones.

Now, do not fret about the affordability of the GPS bike mounts. Unlike yesteryears when they were expensive and had a poor battery life, they are now as affordable as they are reliable with features that you could only dream of hitherto. They even have heart rate monitors now. Anything you want in your GPS bike mount you can get. Consider the following when shopping for your bike mount;

  • Functionality: Do you want it to guide you as you ride or is it for recording data to analyze after the riding? The former are more pricy for they have maps and need more storage space and an up-to-date software for navigation and a large screen to boot.
  • Connectivity: Can it be used together with other devices like phones or computers? This is important when it comes to sharing or analyzing information or data from the cycling.
  • Display type: This goes hand in hand with the screen size. The larger the screen, the better for easier reading of the information.


Robert Wills is a professional biker. He has worked with GPS bike mounts products for several years. Visit his blog for more information.

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