Things You Can Add to Your Website to Make it Better

Your website speaks for you, and it speaks for your brand. It is your virtual front office, customer care desk and customer care representative all at the same time. With this in mind, do you think your current website design matches the demands of these roles? You have probably looked at your website and thought it needed some changes to make it attractive and more user friendly. There are quite a number of ways you can adjust your website design to generate more business online by creating a great user experience. From the to online calendars and calculating tools, you have lots of options.


Time counting tool and JavaScript clocks

If you conduct business internationally, then introducing a time counting tool to your website is a great idea. It is difficult to describe the distance between any two points of the world in time because of the numerous time zones that we have. Instead of making your page users waste a lot of time trying to crunch the numbers to travel destinations or overseas events, you can introduce a convenient time counting tool to the website that they can use. There are also various JavaScript clocks that you can add to your website so that you can keep full attention on your site since users do not have to look away for the time. These clocks come in a variety of sizes and colors to match the design of your website seamlessly

Web translator

Website translators are fun widgets that come in handy for users in various parts of the world. Since you are targeting people in various time zones, you might as well make sure they can read your page elements in a language they are comfortable with. The web translator allows users to translate phrases and words from various languages right from their computers without having to navigate away from the page. The web translator can also help people learn foreign languages.

Social buttons

What would internet communication be without social media pages? Today, social media has integrated into the online business world that you simply cannot create a strong internet presence without focusing largely on social media pages. You can add social media buttons for the most relevant social media pages on your website posts so users can share interesting content with their friends and followers. You can use HTML codes to add social buttons on your website for sharing and linking purposes.


Calendars not only look pretty on your website but come in pretty handy. Besides using it for tracking important tasks in everyday life, you can also use the calendar as a reminder by marking special dates for launches, promotions and other special events. A calendar widget is very decorative for blogs and web pages. They are easy to install using widely available HTML code. Many internet users appreciate website with convenient tools that they can use without having to navigate to other pages or minimize their browser window.

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