In the early days of television, meteorologists used magnetic chalkboards to show viewers the weather conditions. Presenting a forecast meant moving magnets around the board, then drawing frontal boundaries and temperatures by hand. This method was the standard for broadcasting weather, even into the ’60s and ’70s. In 1974, an enterprising meteorologist in Madison, Wisconsin […]

Twitter and Facebook are famous social networking sites. Facebook users update their status on facebook wall to share “What they have on their mind ?” with their friends. Twitter users do share Texts, Images and Links as Tweets on their Twitter Timeline within 140 characters. Now I am going to tell you a trick using which you can connect […]

Which surfing the internet I catched up with the name of the URL of some sites n they seen to be funny .. I searched more to find some more funny names of the sites n I got some funny names of some sites url. Check it out.- […]