Reported Reasons Why Businesses Should Upgrade to Windows 7

More and more small-business owners are no longer satisfied by Windows Vista and its hardware incompatibilities, as well as its unnecessary pop-up alerts or puttering speeds. If you happen to be in this situation, you’ll be pleased to find out that you can put an end to this problem.

 Windows 7

The new Windows 7 operating system created by Microsoft has finally become available and it’s actually better than you’d expect. As a result, even those who consider that Windows XP is the best operating system ever will probably choose to upgrade to this new version. Although there is no revolution when it comes to desktop computing, Windows 7 is designed to please the owners who have complained about Windows Vista’s flaws. The best part is that this new operating system is a major step forward for this platform and is significantly improved as far as stability, everyday convenience and security are concerned.

If you take some aspects for granted, you may end up being confused. For example, if your current operating system is Windows XP, you may have to do a manual backup and reinstall all the data needed in order to update to Windows 7. However, you may need to download various programs such as calendar applications and e-mail from the OS. However, these aspects shouldn’t affect your decision related to the upgrade of your old software.

If you still don’t know whether switching to Windows 7 is worth the effort, you should take a look on the following 10 reasons which prove that your decision is the best.

1. Lower system requirements

Windows 7 requires less processing speed and memory in order to power its graphical interface, so this brand-new operating system doesn’t seem to be a resource hog. As a result, your devices will certainly be able to run Windows 7 if they managed to work well with Windows Vista. In fact, you’ll notice that your programs are loaded faster by the new operating system. You’ll definitely love the idea that you’ll spend less money on making hardware upgrades and less time while waiting for the software to load.

2. Simpler navigation

Windows 7 is also easier to multitask and navigate thanks to the improvements brought. For example, the Aero Peek features allow you to view the contents on your desktop by making all the windows you work with transparent. Thanks to the Aero Shake, you get the chance to grab whatever active window you work with and shake your mouse in order to minimize the other panes that clutter up your monitor. Besides, Windows 7 is provided with Aero Snap functions that resize your windows automatically, making them occupy only half of the screen whenever you drag them to one side of the display.

3. Better multitasking

Microsoft has borrowed a scam from the Snow Leopard operating system created by Apple, giving you the chance to have a more aesthetic icon-based taskbar which allows you permanently organize or pin the programs you use most on it. Besides, you can point to icons whenever you want to obtain thumbnail previews of the windows associated with all the programs, everything with a single click. The display is now created in a manner that allows you to eliminate the clutter and keep track of all the activities that take place on your desktop.

4. Greater stability

Another advantage is that most software and hardware available nowadays is compatible with the new Windows version, so you will no longer have to install all types of additional programs. In case you have to provide your PC with some updates, Windows 7 will make this procedure seem less irritating.

5. Enhanced security

Windows 7 doesn’t imply constantly clicking in order to approve the access of some programs, feature that will please most of the Windows Vista users, as they have the chance to control the prompts related to the system security using an innovative slider bar control that features minimized alert messages. Besides, the new browser Internet Explorer 8 is safer when it comes to external threats. If you purchase the Ultimate Edition, you will even be allowed to encrypt data and drives by using the BitLocker technology.

6. Multi-touch capabilities

In case you own a compatible laptop or touch-screen PC, you can use the multi-touch capabilities in order to navigate your new operating system or pull up data and documents only by moving your finger.

7. Simpler file organization

Libraries come in handy whenever you want to catalogue music, videos, files or photos in single locations, regardless of where they’re located on the hard drive. That’s why you’ll certainly enjoy keeping all the materials related to a certain subject organized in a retrievable location.

8. Optimized network setup

The new HomeGroup allows you to easily share documents, printers and devices between the other PCs provided with Windows 7 that are part of your home network. Entrepreneurs who need access to a larger network within their company may have to upgrade to Windows 7’s Professional Edition which costs $199.99 and allows connectivity within complex workplace servers.

9. Less clutter

Nobody likes having to live with useless applications installed on their PCs. That’s why Windows 7 will seem a dream come true, as many programs such as Windows Calendar, Windows Mail or the Movie Maker aren’t even included in the installation unless they are incorporated by PC manufacturers. However, if you find them useful you can easily download them from Microsoft’s website for free.

10. Overall performance

Windows 7 features several enhancements that make both your work and online experiences easier. That’s why every enterprise is probably looking forward to updating to this new operating system. Even if you choose to install the basic edition called Home Premium and never upgrade, you will still be provided with simpler document retrieval and better desktop search functions. Taking into account that every entrepreneur wishes to organize, store data and navigate their desktop and applications more easily, Windows 7 will definitely be a success.

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