Todo Backup Workstation 8.0 Review

Todo Backup Workstation 8.0 Review

The easy and advanced todo backup software is one of the most reliable backup software for both home and office. This software allows its users to avail a complete and comprehensive backup solution without any issues in the entire procedure. The best part of choosing this backup recovery software is simply because it is extremely safe and easy to use. Moreover, being highly secure, you can back up any of your important data and protect them in a proper and safe manner with this software. Installing and using this software is also quite easy. The intuitive interface will guide you step by step in getting the software downloaded and installed right away. The backup software is also quite affordable and has a 50% less price than its competitors. So, if you’re looking for a well, featured and comprehensive backup software, the nas backup can be a great solution.

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Features of the software

The nas backup software comes with a plethora of high-end and extremely purposeful features. Some of them are listed below;

  • The latest 8.0 version of the backup software comes equipped with a new backup technology that ensures faster backup and smaller storage.
  • This version also lets you exclude several files from the backup, thereby saving huge space in the storage unit.
  • This nas backup software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and also Windows XP. However, while creating bootable media and UEFI, it turns out to be more compatible with the 8 and 8.1 versions of the windows.
  • This software is extremely effective in creating WinPE bootable media without the installation of WAIK or AIK.
  • The backup software ensures that you are provided with a comprehensive backup and imaging solution.
  • This software provides a series of benefits with regard to schedule backups and selective file restoring.
  • Installing this software is made easy with the step by step guideline. So you can always install this software even if you’re not a tech geek.

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What are the recovery and backup benefits of Nas backup?

The recovery and backup benefits of this backup software are indeed huge in number. Following is the list of some of these benefits.

  • This nas backup software provides system backup, file backup, incremental backup and schedule backup solutions.
  • It provides ample assistance with disk imaging.
  • You can always let your backup run in weekly, daily or monthly schedules with the backup scheduler coming with this software.
  • The system restore solutions lets you quickly boot your entire Windows backup to the original location or the new one via Linux or any other supported bootable media.
  • With this software you can restore your old system and boot it in the old or a new hardware.
  • The backup software lets you ensure minute backups including the recovery of various granular files, volumes and folders.
  • You can also separately backup files from a single file backup image. In fact, you won’t even have to restore the entire image for this procedure.
  • You can also backup your system by selecting the EaseUS Todo backup from your booting menu and get the Pre-OS launched for recovering your system.

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Why should you use this Nas backup software?

There are several reasons why you should use this Nas backup software. They are as follows;

  • This software allows you to safely and quickly migrate to a bigger HDD or an SSD.
  • You can also avail high support for virtualization as this software will support the P2V copy and the P2V recovery.
  • This software allows you to effectively manage the entire job of the backup.
  • You can also browse your backup via windows file and by simply copy pasting the folders.
  • This software is also compatible with the GPT and UEFI. With this feature, the software lets you create a specific winPE bootable media during the times of emergency.
  • This backup and data recovery solution will work equally well for commercial and residential purpose.

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This software comes for a 30 day trial and currently it is available at a rate of $39 for one pc, $89.95 for three PCs and $129.95 for five pcs. This rate is quite affordable and less extravagant than other software with similar features.

Final verdict

With the viable features and extremely flexible price, this software is indeed worth your money. Choose this software for power packed backup and data recovery solutions at the best rates. The prolific features and high-end services will let you avail the best backup solutions.