When students will be in college and are spending some time doing nothing as this a part of their life will be the most fun as well as boring too. They need to have a hobby which will keep them occupied inside their free hours. That hobby can be a lot of things which plays […]

Movie Niche Blogging is One of the Evergreen , most Creative type where there is a Wide variety of content but one has to be so Creative In order to create awesome content that can drive Traffic. There are lots of Movie blogs and most of the Time they trend over the Internet for some […]

Some New blogging Platform such as Roon and Medium doesn’t allow commenting on their sites. We tried to explore the reason for which they are not allowing Comments. Commenting encourage Quality comments but there is always something negative for that. Pros- Enabling Comments on Blog By allowing comments on a blog we encourage visitors to […]

Choosing Niche is one of the Most difficult Part in Starting a Blog. You may have great interest in many different Topics but you need to concentrate in a Particular niche to make your blog successful. For those who are starting a blog in 2013 I have listed some niches which will trend. Here is the list […]

Knowing that you need a blog and being able to stick to a blog schedule are two separate things. A blog that you maintain and run correctly provides you with another bit of Internet real estate where you can build your brand and connect with people who might have an interest in what you have […]

I hate them who click on the X button in the Top right of the Tab after Reading only a Single Page of Blogs (Without Exploring other contents). If you are a Blogger then you will definitely understand what I want to say. Getting Traffic is one of the Ultimate goal of your Blog for […]

Blogging is an Art of Creating Wonderful Content. You can get an Identity of you are successful in particular Niche.  Many Bloggers usually run blogs under Pseudo Handles (Fake names) to Hide their Real Identity. They use some Catchy Handle which bear no resemblance to their actual personalities. But why should he/she blog under a Pseudo name? […]