Get $400 Worth Google Earth Pro for Free

Feb 1, 2015 Likan Patra 0

Google Earth Pr,the premium Version of Google Earth is now available for Free to Download and use. The Price was $400 per year but now Google sliced the price to $0. You can have 3D measurements or you can also create Video Tours around the […]

Google Chrome’s top 10 Hidden Features

Jan 17, 2014 Guest Post 0

As you all know that chrome is one of the best browsers in recent times have many new features in them that’s not been used by many except the experts. Now let us have a brief look at some of the major features of Google […]

Google vs DuckDuckGo : Search Features

Jan 11, 2014 Likan Patra 0

Google is the Greatest Search Engine ever made and they update their algorithms regularly to provide best possible results to the users. But there is one little problem. They always Track what we search and provide us Filtered Results with tons of Ads. It’s like […]

The Man behind Google Panda Algorithm- Navneet Panda

Dec 4, 2013 Likan Patra 0

Google Panda is a Algorithm which changed Google’s Search Results by delivering High Quality Information to the Users. The First Algorithm was released in February 2011. This affected many low-quality and thin sites. These site having large number of Advertisements started dropping their Ranks due […]

Google YA Rest Internet Domination [Infograph]

Sep 28, 2013 Likan Patra 0

Google is the World’s most Internet Dominating Company of the World. More than 1.1 Billion people search Google every month, 79% Android Smartphones. Still there are some other Giants who dominate in their Field like Facebook, Microsoft , Baidu, Apple.

What SEO tools kick you back in SEO

Aug 2, 2013 Guest Post 0

SEO strategies, which help you in making your site or blog visible over sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. To make the optimization task simple, there are number of SEO tools, which can help you in making the optimization task simpler and easy. If you […]