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5 Tips for Protecting Your Data Center

Apr 25, 2014 Guest Post 0

If you have sensitive information tucked away in a data center, it’s important that you offer the real-life hardware just as much protection as its digital footprint. But what does that kind of coverage look like? How can you safeguard such a large area of […]

Few Online document management tips

Nov 30, 2013 Guest Post 0

In today’s world everywhere people tend to use more documents online than offline due to safety, security, reliability and many more factors. Sudden loss of data will affect your business major time on the long run of your business, since data is one of the […]

Steps to Take Back From Website Hackers

Feb 3, 2013 Likan Patra 0

The virtual world has changed greatly in the last couple of years and so have hacker attacks. Companies around the world have experienced various encounters with hackers and have lost a lot of time and data to them. One of the most important problems that […]

Blogging Tips You Must Not Ignore

Dec 23, 2012 Likan Patra 0

Blogging might be an activity that anyone will be able to do, but there really is an art to blogging. From the WordPress themes that you use to the pictures and graphics that you have on your site, blogging the right way is important if […]

Optimize Your Website’s Front Page

Nov 27, 2012 Likan Patra 0

One of the best ways to validate your business is by creating a website for it. After all, majority of people nowadays always check if you are a legitimate business venture by looking for your website. If they do not find one, they are bound […]

Some Tips To Keep Your Blog Content Fresh

Nov 24, 2012 Likan Patra 0

Blogging is a great way to share ideas, as well as getting people informed about certain things. However, after a long time, you might find that there is nothing more for you to write. The good news is that this is not really the case […]

4 Fresh Tips for tech-savvy parents

Nov 23, 2012 Likan Patra 0

An edge that parents today have is that there is so much technology available to help with raising children. This is not to discount earlier practices wherein parents stick to traditional methods of educating and disciplining children, but it doesn’t make sense to not use […]

5 Great Tips for a Busy Working MOM

Nov 13, 2012 Likan Patra 0

If you’re a working mom, your day can get pretty hectic. Even if you have household help, there are so many details that you have to oversee, or else one of your kids, your husband, or your job might suffer. Understandably, you make mistakes, forget […]