AdBlocker vs Anti AdBlocker [The Ads War]

Aug 18, 2013 Likan Patra 0

There is a War of Browsers, Mobile Phones, gadgets everything you see. But now there is a War of ADs on Websites. I think you didnt understood. Lemme explain you. Some months ago when I was using FB on my Laptop using Mobile Data my […]

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To Update The WordPress Secret Keys

Apr 1, 2013 Likan Patra 0

In the WordPress secret keys can work same as the passwords. This is one of the best ways to choose this concept for the WordPress.In WordPress, it is a collection of the three secret keys as The keys that are used in the WordPress :- […] – Killer WordPress Themes [Review]

Oct 20, 2012 Likan Patra 0

“First Impression is the best Impression “ This quote is applicable in blogosphere also. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to have a perfect theme for your blog especially premium themes which will make your blog unique but the thing is that most of […]