3D Printing: Way to Go

The 3D printing was introduced in 1986. This was truly a technological revolution as far as printing technology goes. However, 3D printing technology could gain substantial popularity only by the 1990s. It was definitely not that common outside the fields of architecture, manufacturing and engineering until the recent past. However, today 3D printing is certainly one of the biggest advancements in the world of design & marketing.

This advanced printing technology helps designers in creating something right from the scratch in a matter of a few hours. It helps developers and designers to migrate from a typically flat screen to a precise physical part. 3D technology presents us with a host of advantages at all levels local, personal and industrial. The conventional methods of prototyping or manufacturing are no match to 3D printing technology.

Mass Customization Made Possible

3D printing technology enables mass customization. It is now really possible to personalize products as per unique specifications and individual requirements. Several products could be created at the very same time as per the requirements of the end-users that too, at no extra process charges. You can now easily place bulk orders for Reinforced Presentation Folders, File Folders, etc.


Eco-friendly or Sustainable

3D printing has really proved to be an energy-efficient process that offers environmental efficiencies in the production process, using up to around 90 per cent of the standard materials, resulting in less waste. Also, the products thus, manufactured boast of stronger and lighter design that leaves behind definitely minimum carbon footprint that is certainly much less than conventionally manufactured products.

Tool-less Technology

One of the most time consuming, costly and definitely labor-intensive phases of any product development process certainly is the manufacturing of tools. For all kinds of medium and low volume applications additive manufacturing or 3D printing does not necessitate tool production. This therefore, eliminates the associated issues including cost, labor and lead times. This is a fabulous opportunity that is benefitting a host of manufacturers. More and more manufacturers are taking to 3D printing technology.

Less Time Consuming

3D printing technology enables ideas to be created much faster than before. You could now 3D print any concept on the same day itself, when it was designed. This definitely is time-saving as compared to before, when the product development process would take months, but now you get the required products in just a few days. This has made companies to not only match the rest, but stay much ahead of competition.

Mitigates Risk


Now verifying a design is possible before actually investing in costly molding tool. When you are able to print a production-ready prototype, it gives you the confidence required for huge investments. It is definitely a lot cheaper to opt for 3D printing a test prototype than redesigning or modifying an existing mold.

New and Varied Combinations of Materials

You do not have the luxury of combining diverse raw materials in conventional mass production techniques because of high costs and also, because of some physical and chemical properties that may not be easy for combining using conventional methods. 3D printing has successfully overcome some of these limitations. Today thanks to 3D printing technology several companies are coming up with lots of diverse materials with really unique finishes that give you the feel of ceramics, glass or even metal with various strengths as well as temperature resistance.

With so many fantastic advantages of 3D printing, it is not surprising that this technology is gaining popularity by the day and is being implemented in various industries. It is undoubtedly, one of the hot favorite tools for progressive marketers.

Author Bio: Mitch Sanderson is the PR head of a 3D printing firm specializing in the production of various customized models, articles and reinforced presentation folders. He enjoys blogging and public speaking.

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