Google + Local: The New Google geolocation tool

Although the brand and the Google Local service already existed, the novelty is that the Internet giant has integrated this service to your social network.


Google said goodbye to his service Google Places to make way for a new functionality within their social network. This is Google + Local, a service that allows users to share and find information about nearby places, from museums and restaurants to party places and entertainment.

In addition to capitalizing on the publications of the ‘circles’ of individual users of Google +, the new Local incorporates information from Zagat, a website of recommendations that Google bought in 2011 and based on the reviews by users to rate restaurants around the world.

Also, the company said through its official blog that Google + Local is integrated searches, to Maps and phones, plus it is available as a new tab in Google +. All this, the company creates a simple experience over Google.


Bernardo Hernandez, geolocation team leader in the area of marketing at Google, said in a hangout that ” it is an exploration and discovery tool that provides users with customized searches of social networking giant’s Internet


The idea is that when I did a search for a meal, for example, an Italian restaurant, get results that are different from those of another person because they rely on recommendations from people you know ” , said Hernandez.

Although many can be a tool similar to Foursquare, Hernandez said it’s a different product for this service “goes beyond making a check in a particular place.

For now, Google + Local is available in Spain, Colombia and some countries in Latin America, but is expected to reach to other countries during 2012.

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