Technologies for Vehicles to improve safety

Modern vehicles can be equipped with the latest digital technology to improve road safety and provide more convenient driving. For example, rear view cameras can now be easily integrated into any contemporary automobile. Many cars have built in cameras that come as part of optional packages. However, most modern cars have digital control consoles that can easily accept external camera systems. Some rear view cameras need to be linked to an internal display screen that’s usually part of a GPS navigation system. Other camera systems have their own display monitors that can be installed somewhere in the dashboard of a vehicle. The most important safety feature of a rear view camera is the ability to visually detect any obstacles when placing a car in reverse and pulling out of a parking backwards. Shop is an example of an online auto shop that features rear view cameras for all types of vehicles.


Drivers of commercial vehicles have very poor visibility in certain blind spots. Even a small commercial van has various blind spots that cannot be seen through rear view or side mirrors. For safety reasons, commercial vehicles should have multiple rear view cameras installed. Some cameras can also be placed on the sides of a vehicle such as on a tractor trailer truck. A display monitor for commercial vehicles can feature split screens to offer views of the multiple exterior cameras.

Some drivers also prefer to have a dashboard camera to capture any significant events on the road. Car dash cams are usually used to record rather than stream videos. Dashboard cameras are very useful for capturing videos of car accidents. In the court of law, a driver can easily prove what happened during an accident. Surely, people are familiar with the use of dash cams by law enforcement such as police officers and state troopers.

Other important digital safety accessories for cars include alerting systems. Advanced radar sensors can alert drivers when they are driving too close to vehicles. For example, driver alert systems can provide accurate notifications for tailgating or following a car too closely. Similarly, dangerous traffic lane changes can also be avoided if an alert system detects any vehicles within a certain radius. Some advanced alert technology can also keep a driver awake on long dull road trips by monitoring the handling of the steering wheel and pressure applied on the accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

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