Twitter negotiates an agreement with TV channels

A new “microblog” Twitter is negotiating with television networks such as NBC to add videos and advertising the “Timeline” of the users and thus expand the range of content that can be transmitted, as confirmed by a person familiar with the situation at the news agency ‘Bloomberg’ .


According to this source, the company is in talks with Viacom on the ability to integrate television clips in the timeline of social network users and the sale of advertising space near the top. In addition, there could also be in talks with Comcast, NBC Universal.

Twitter is quick to add more and more video content and cause an increase in the time users stay connected to the network. On its existing partnerships with Disney, Weather Channel and Turner Broadcasting System , Twitter are trying to add more video content to complement their entertainment and informational functions.

These agreements allow Twitter stream videos on your site and divide the resulting advertising revenue with the networks. Some of the agreements that are currently underway could be ready by the end of next May. Spokesmen for Twitter, Viacom and NBC rejected the opportunity to respond to the claims of the web despite the application of the medium.

Official reports of Nielsen Holdings on social media, more and more users who comment on the net about content they have seen or are currently watching on TV as the use of social networks often simultaneous that of the media commenting on the latest news.

Thus, Twitter has signed an agreement with the measuring of hearing to gauge the level of discussion generated from the contents reaching further discussion to analyze whether social causes an increase of the hearing or depends on the type of comments that you make.

This interest social network television and its metric coincide with its momentum in the music as they are in the process of launching a new application for the integration of players music and video clips on the timeline of different users.

Increasingly momentum is doing Twitter by encompass all the necessary tools for users to leave as little as possible by integrating application display external content, text or multimedia within the application itself.

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