5 Tips for Protecting Your Data Center

If you have sensitive information tucked away in a data center, it’s important that you offer the real-life hardware just as much protection as its digital footprint. But what does that kind of coverage look like? How can you safeguard such a large area of electronics? Here are five tips for maintaining the integrity of your data center. data-center 1: Invest in Digital Transfer Switches Stop gambling with power distribution when you purchase a digital transfer switch. Designed with fault tolerance and controlled electrical components in mind, it will eliminate points of failure throughout your system and regulate power transfer with a safe, automated algorithm. 2: Routinely Scan Your Towers IR ports offer handheld thermal scanning options to weed out problems before they grow into disasters. Simply connect your IR port to your towers to look for loose, compromised or worn out connections. An IR port can even tell you where arc flash occurrences might compromise your structure, functioning as an early warning program for common complications found in data center maintenance. 3: Embrace Circuit Management Juggle your critical loads by opening your machine’s “guts” and wading elbow-deep into its circuitry. Not only will you improve the efficacy of your remote power panels by tweaking them at an individual branch level, but you’ll also be in a prime position to notice damaged wires, tired tech or badly-functioning switches. The easiest way to eliminate problems with your hardware is to simply stop them before they begin. 4: Upgrade Your Building Security You wouldn’t believe the number of data centers compromised by simple things like unlocked doors or unmanned checkpoints. Some don’t even have security cameras to catch intruders! Big or small, high-powered or modestly growing, you should treat your facility with the same amounts of care that you put into your personal home security system. 5: Install Redundancies A system of checks and balances is one of the greatest gifts you can give your data center. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking the operations of the micro grid or just running a diagnostic on your batteries; everything should come with a fail safe, and no changes should be allowed to take place without user confirmation that it’s all right. These are just five ways to better protect your data centers. Whether you’re fighting against sabotage, natural damage or just technology too advanced for its own good, these tips should help you prevent problems on a widespread level. Visit TNBPowerSolutions.com for more information.

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