7 major reasons why computer shows blue screen error

What is blue screen error or blue screen of death?

Blue screen error is a notorious technical problem that computer users encounter at times. Before you find a solution for the problem it is vital to find the reasons that make this problem occur in the first place.

Below are listed 7 major reasons as to why does the blue screen error occurs.

1.)  Problem with event log

The problem might arise due to some trouble in the computer’s event log. In case the problem occurs each time you perform a specific task, the same might be due to some software problem with the computer. In case the error is more inconsistent in nature, there might be some problem with the hardware aspect of your computer.

2.)  Problem with computer’s Reliability Monitor

The problem could well be with the reliability monitor of the computer. If you are not familiar with the computer system as it might happen if the computer belongs to your friend, the problem could well be with reliability monitor. In case, you are not familiar with the reliability monitor, the same is a tool in Windows 7 and Windows 8. It allows the user to track the computer system’s stability from time to time.

Reliability monitor tells about application installations, hardware upgrades and system updates. In case any problem arises with any of these components blue screen error might occur.

3.)  Computer’s temperature could be a probable cause

This might surprise you but overheating of the computer system could be a potential cause for the appearance of blue screen error. In case the blue screen error appears all of a sudden, you should check if the computer is not overheating. There might be problem with the fans (both internal and external). The case vents could be clogged as well causing the appearance of blue screen error.

4.)  Faulty memory

Faulty memory is a key cause of blue screen error that might result in this problem occurring occasionally. Not performing the memory diagnostic test can compound the problem as well. This error is not a serious one though as a range of third party apps are available which can help you tide over the problem. However, at times memory diagnostic tools are not always in a position to detect memory problems.

The only viable solution in such a case is to replace the memory of the computer. The solution needs to be tried if the computer is stubborn and shows blue screen error occasionally.  Wrongly installed or faulty software can too result in blue screen error. The same problem can well occur if the hardware unit in the computer is malfunctioning. This might could be due to some fault with any of the device drivers.

In case you have ever ejected a device, when the computer system is still in operation mode, blue screen error can occur.

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5.)  Incompatible DLL files

Certain program in Windows requires Dynamic Link Library files for successfully executing a program. These Dynamic Link Library files need to be installed as and when the program or application requires these. Check if the same have been installed appropriately. Failure to install these correctly can probably result in the computer showing the blue screen error.

6.)  Faulty Device Driver

Faulty device driver could be another reason for the computer showing the blue screen error. These drivers could go faulty because of the poor quality or some of the drivers might be missing. Incompatible driver for the hardware part of the computer could be another reason for the computer showing the blue screen error. These incompatible drives could be anywhere from the mouse, router to the printer.  Failure to check any of these could probably also result in this problem causing the error to occur on a regular basis.

7.)  Window registry error and problem with installation programs

The blue screen error problem might occur due to some registry entries getting damaged or corrupted. The error could probably also occur due to the reason that a program might have been uninstalled by you and you might have forgotten to uninstall the registry entries from the registry editor.

Additionally, during the installation of Windows Operating System on the computer, the blue screen error occurs with impunity as the installation process is highly sensitive. The error could well have occurred due to improper set up and configuring of the Operating System. There could be problem with installation or any of the software or hardware devices associated with the computer system thereby resulting in occurrence of blue screen error.

These are some of the common errors that result in blue screen occurrence. Check on the following if any such error occurs and get your computer repaired at the earliest.

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