Converting PowerPoint Presentation for Web in HTML5

Bored of Classic PowerPoint, Keynote Presentations? Tired of facing compatibility issues with presentation. HTML5 is your solution.


Reveal.js  is a ready to use Jquery library to design intuitive presentations with the help of HTML5 and CSS3.

Scripts to create dynamic presentations and elegant from pure HTML5 and CSS, No external plugin nor requires long-dead flash support.

Reveal.js, offers several pre-build “ready to use” packages consisting of  various themes, transitions and demos tutorials to a give a elegant look to your PowerPoint Presentation

Features of Reveal.JS..

  • Complete navigation system: Arrows, Mouse Wheel, links …
  • A complete summary with thumbnails of slides
  • 4 Different types of transitions and effects
  • Vertical as well as Horizontal orientation settings
  • Preformatted styles: Quotes, links with 3D effects, titles, highlight code.
  • History management similar to that in Photoshop


Licensed under Apache 2.0, this set of slides are initially designed to demonstrate the new features of HTML5

Features of HTML5Rocks

  • Smooth Horizontol transitions between slides
  • 3D effects, various basic themes, color swatches, speaker notes feature
  • Only a few mouse controls, various other features are dependant on keyboard


Impress.JS as it name suggestions is basically a JQuery library to create PowerPoint/Keynote styled presentation slides through HTML and CSS

Features of Impress.JS

  • Spectacular 3D view of slides
  • Information bar placeholder on the middle on the slide
  • However there aren’t any pre-build themes and color schemes


RoboDeck is a bit different framework. When visitors view the presentation, the server synchronizes the visitors with the current slide. It is powered by Web Socket Support. The major drawback of this is it’s UI and design, It’s not very sexy

Advantages of HTML5 Presentation over PowerPoint and Keynote

I’ve listed out a few benefits of HTML5 Presentation below

  • Cross compatibility. You no longer to carry flash drivers where ever you need to give a presentation
  • You can edit the content of presentation directly through the browser (Chrome and Firefox)
  • Since HTML5 is the new standard of web, it is supported by all browser (yes, including Microsoft Internet Explorer) and also on Ios, Android

Let me know your opinions on what you are going to choose through comments

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Author Bio:- Rajesh manages SlideHunter Blog which provides 1000+ PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint tips

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