The Issues With The iPhone Xs MAX

Apple phones do not only look good but are also quite awesome in their performance. However, every new Apple device has its own issues and the iPhone Xs MAX is no exception to that. Since its release, users have noticed a few issues with the phone that can often hinder user experience.

Most of the time, a simple reset or iPhone XS MAX repair fixes these issues. Thus, if you are planning to buy the phone, you should know a bit about it beforehand.

Charging Problem

The first problem that users started having with iPhone Xs MAX was that it would not charge even when plugged into a lightning cable. Some people complained that this was happening when their iPhone Xs MAX was in Sleep Mode. Others said that they had to tap the phone’s screen to start charging. Apple has acknowledged the issue, and they are working on fixing it in the future.


There is nothing worse than your phone freezing in the middle of a video or if you are trying to do something important. Well, iPhone Xs MAX comes with this problem too, and many users have reported that their phone would just hang while they were doing something on it. There is no particular app or function on the phone that is causing this problem.

This is most probably a software error, and Apple might fix these bugs in the next update. So, if you already have an iPhone Xs MAX, you can expect the next update to solve this problem for you.

Weak Signals

Another issue with the iPhone Xs MAX is the weak signal reception. According to loyal iPhone users, this is the worst signal reception they have seen on the phone from the company. In different regions, the problem is also due to specific carriers.

Now, there could be different reasons for this. In the iPhone Xs MAX, Apple has used Intel modems instead of Qualcomm, so this might be the cause of this issue. Or, the antenna design might be causing poor signal reception.

This problem is not so common and is seen by people using certain carriers. It can possibly be fixed by a software update or a trip to the iPhone X repair near me shop.

Skin Smoothening

One thing that Apple consistently boasts off is the cameras on their phone and there is no denying the fact that the company always pulls through. However, there is not exactly anything wrong with the camera of iPhone Xs MAX, but what happens to the pictures after they are taken.

The iPhone Xs MAX has a default feature that it aggressively smoothens out the skin when a picture is taken in Selfie Mode. Apple might have thought that users would like this but since, nowadays, there is a trend of being ‘raw’ and ‘real,’ a lot of people do not really like this default feature. Apple should allow the users to turn off this smoothening feature in their new update but there aren’t any reports of this happening any time soon.

Green Line on Screen

A user reported that there is a green line on the display of his new iPhone Xs MAX. Now, this is not something unheard of. Samsung Edge phones also had a similar issue when they were released. A green line appears in the display that might go away on its own and come back again after a while. If your iPhone Xs MAX has this issue, you can get it replaced by a new phone from the Apple Store if this issue is not due to your negligence.

Slow Wi-Fi

Something that has been discussed a lot on Apple forums since the release of iPhone Xs MAX is how the Wi-Fi speed on this phone is much slower than you would expect from such a high-end phone. This issue is not only limited to Wi-Fi but also extends to mobile data. Resetting the network settings on your iPhone Xs MAX might fix this issue and make the connection comparatively faster.

Bluetooth Error

Apple’s Bluetooth system is already quite problematic for most users and the iPhone Xs MAX comes with its own Bluetooth connectivity issues. Some users report that they were having trouble connecting to Bluetooth. If you are facing this issue, you can try to disconnect and connect again or restarting your iPhone Xs MAX to fix this problem.


There is no doubt that iPhone Xs MAX is one of the best phones in the market and any other company would have to work very hard to top this product. However, like all other techy things, the iPhone Xs MAX also has some problems associated with it. But it is nothing that cannot be solved by a simple reset or getting your phone repaired from an expert.

Location Tagging is Your Key to More Effective Instagram Marketing

With 20Million monthly active users Instagram holds 10th Position in Facebook Developers which a Photo Sharing Application.

If you are posting any type of consumer-centric materials, you have to tap the power of location tagging.

You have to understand that people on Instagram are looking for brands they can trust. How can they trust your brand? Well, the standard answer is that you could focus on content that is relevant to your niche.

You could also use the right hashtags. You can say the right things on your profile, and all sorts of other tried and proven tactics that your competitors are already doing. A big part of this, of course, is buying social proof or buying Instagram likes or deciding to buy Instagram video views. You can also get social media signals from places like

As important and powerful and effective as these may be, please understand that location tagging adds to the overall credibility of your Instagram account. Don’t for a second believe that location tagging is some sort of detail that you can safely overlook or ignore. You can’t.

You have to understand that it’s a dog eat dog on Instagram. There’s a tremendous amount of competition and one false move can and does put your brand at a serious competitive disadvantage. In many cases, genres as well as niches are just simply too small so there’s very little wiggle room to move.

And if you get the impression that one account seems to be more personable and seems to be more engaging than other accounts, what do you think happens? Well, there is actually a multiplier effect and people who would otherwise be passionate about your brand would not only talk about brands that seem to be more personable or real and authentic, but it cascades throughout your niche.

Before you know it, you make it so much harder on your brand to get noticed. Why? You’re not real enough.

When you put a location tag on your posts, you add a very vital additional piece of information that screams out to your target audience members. It basically says, “I’m real. I am at a certain place, I am in a certain context, and this is where I am.”

And when people look at your location, they can make all sort of assumptions because guess what? People read into that piece of information what they want to read into. And this makes you more real. This makes you more approachable. This makes you more worthy of engagement.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I really can’t afford to do that. I really don’t have the luxury of time. I don’t have the manpower…” I can go on and on. You can easily come up with a very long list of reasons why you shouldn’t be bothered to include your location tag.

Well, here’s the problem: regret comes at the end. Seriously.

If you figure out that you’re not getting a high engagement level and your audience members are not converting, it may be because you’re tone deaf to their needs. It may be because your brand comes off as rather superficial, shallow, and easy to dismiss.

Well, the worst part of all this is that you did it to yourself.

So, do yourself a big favor, a little bit of attention to detail and a little bit of effort as far as your content production and posting habits go can go a long way in becoming more prominent and more respectable and real to your followers.

Keep the tips above in mind to successfully build an organic following for your Instagram brand.

How to Use Analytics to Boost Your Small Business

Starting a new business is always a risky endeavor – but in the 21st century it’s even riskier than ever. These days, research shows that more people are closing their small businesses than opening new ones; according to U.S. census data, the small business sector saw an 8% entrance rate and 9.5% exit rate in the previous decade. 

Why are so many small businesses struggling to survive? There are many contributing factors, from the rise of online shopping to the immense power of big corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon, who gobble up customer bases everywhere they go.

These realities do make it more difficult for small companies to compete, but they certainly don’t make it impossible. In fact, many small businesses have learned how to thrive in this competitive market – all they had to do was master the art of analytics.

What are Analytics?

Analytics is the practice of analyzing and interpreting the data that a company collects. In most cases, this data is related to the digital space – visits to the company website, for example – but businesses can use analytics to study any data collection they have. This skill enables business owners to better understand their audience, which in turn allows them to make better business decisions. 

How can analytics help your small business grow? Here are a few important things you can do with analytical data:

Build Customer Profiles

Understanding your target audience is critical if you want to run a successful business. If you’re going to reach your customers, you must understand who they are: their ages, their lifestyles, and what makes them tick. Analytics tools often provide demographic breakdowns within your data, so you can see exactly who is visiting your website or store.

Once you know which type of customers are interested in your business, you can start marketing directly to your customer base. Targeted advertising, special sales events, or even traditional ads can all be tailored to suit your ideal customer. This kind of specialized marketing can result in improved sales and better brand recognition, all thanks to a little analytics.

See Which Products Interest Your Audience

Marketing is a very important part of your business, but it’s only half the battle. After all, the best marketing in the world won’t matter if you don’t have products or services your customers want! But if you’re a business with several product lines or service options, how do you know where to focus your attention? 

You’re in luck: analytics can help you here, too! By looking at sales data or web page visits, you will be able to see which aspects of your business are most popular with your patrons. As a small business, this information is immeasurably useful, as it helps you know where to direct your efforts and how to grow your company, so it aligns with your customers’ needs.

Optimize Your Website

Every business owner, big or small, has heard the phrase “optimization” at some point in their career. Everywhere you look, someone is telling you to “optimize:” optimize your website copy so you rank higher in Google searches, optimize your page speeds so your website loads quickly, the list goes on and on. 

There’s a good reason for all this optimization talk: it’s REALLY IMPORTANT.

The internet is many people’s primary source of information – and if you don’t put your best foot online, your business is bound to suffer. You can use analytics to study how people find your website, how long they stay, and even how they’re viewing the site (e.g., on a computer or smartphone). Then, use that information to make the best-looking website you can create!

Track Your ROI

As a business owner, you are likely to invest a lot of money into your business. Everything, from new ad campaigns to a repainted storefront, can affect your bottom line – but by how much? With analytics, you can study trends over time, spotting patterns that can tell you which investment efforts paid off – and which ones you won’t want to try again. 

Large corporations are constantly collecting and studying customer data, using analytics to shape every decision that they make. As a small business owner, you should be too! Improve your business today by learning more about analytics tools here.

4 Important Google Analytics Tips for Your Website

There is no denying the fact that quality traffic is undoubtedly the most important part of your online business. Most of the businesses keep wishing that they have more traffic coming to the websites. However, just because you are wishing for more traffic does not mean that you are going to end up with more traffic. You need to make sure that you are working to receive the results that you are interested in getting. Google Analytics is responsible for providing data that can help in boosting Search Engine Optimization. However, understand that you are not going to get results overnight and you have to work hard for them.

Given below is a list of tips that you should follow and consider implementing so that you can boost SEO within no time.

Get the top reports mailed to you

Email reporting is undoubtedly one of the best ways of spending less time on digging important data. If you know how to get the Google Analytics reports mailed directly to you, it can help in saving a lot of time. Apart from that, you are also going to be ahead of the competitors, who are responsible for spending a lot of time digging through analytics for receiving insights. Given below is a list of the steps that will help you to arrange the email reports by Google Analytics.

  • Log in to the account and visit the admin section.
  • Select “All Website Data”
  • Here you are going to locate the “Custom Alerts” tab. Set the custom alerts up so that you can receive updates as well as receive notifications whenever something happens.

When you are using Alert Conditions, it will be easy to customize certain scenarios for which you are interested in receiving alerts. For instance, if the website is experiencing a decline or spike in traffic, you are going to receive alerts. When you create several alerts, you will not have to check reports. This will help in saving time and you will be able to accomplish more tasks. Ensure that you are receiving creative alerts for essential information that you have to monitor daily, like page views, bounce rate, unique visits, demographics, and more.

Optimize as well as improve paths through the website

There is no denying the fact that the homepage is undoubtedly the most important part of your business website because it is responsible for connecting to all the internal pages. This is why you have to consider the entire layout along with the experience that it is going to provide to your users. When you map the layout clearly, it will be easy to determine how your website is going to look as well as function.

However, according to Google Analytics, when you are trying to understand which pages are most popular, you are going to notice that there will be pages other than the home page receiving traffic. This is going to be true irrespective of the size of the website. If there is a blog attached to the website and you are updating it frequently, you will know that 30% of the traffic is coming from the homepage and the rest are coming from the blog pages that have targeted long-tail keywords.

This means that the navigation path that you want your users to follow is going to be completely different from what they are following. Therefore, you must consider optimizing and improving paths throughout your entire website. You can hire the professionals of ChicagoSEO agencies to know more.

Leverage the low-hanging fruit pages for boosting search performance

If you are setting up your emails perfectly, you will get all the important queries within the inbox. However, you have to consider doing it manually if you are interested in getting the low-hanging fruit queries. Given below is a list of tips that you can follow for boosting the search performances of these pages.

  • Google is responsible for taking speed seriously and not a single user is going to wait for your website until it loads. According to, even a second delay can lower the page views by 11% and it can also lead to a 7% loss when website conversions are being considered.
  • If you find out that the low-performing pages have less than two thousand words, you must add words that will provide value. This will help in increasing the search ranking as well as traffic.
  • Make sure that you are making your pages mobile responsive. All your visitors are not using desktops. Google Analytics will help you to understand the traffic that you are receiving from mobile channels. Therefore, you cannot miss considering making the page mobile-friendly because it can help in increasing the ranking as well as traffic. Google has taken this decision because all the mobile users expect websites along with the pages to be optimized for mobile devices. 48% of the customers have stated that they are not going to return to any website that does not load within a short time on mobile devices.
  • You need to consider including visuals, data, interactive elements, and videos. In short, you need to include data that will help people to trust both you as well as your content.
  • Make sure that you are formatting content properly because if you are not doing so, the content is not going to make any difference to customers. Ensure that the headline is irresistible. Try to write punchy and short sentences. Make sure that the content is actionable.

Mend leaky gaps in the top search pages

Even when you discover pages that are attracting unique views, you might sometimes see that you are not getting enough conversion. This means that there is a leaky gap, which is not allowing you to get conversions. It is your responsibility to mend these gaps so that you can start seeing conversions along with the traffic rate.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your website irrespective of the size of your business and without Google Analytics, it will be impossible for you to boost the rankings. Make sure that you are following the tips that have been listed above so that you can do the best for your website.


Can We Send Fax from Google Services for Free?

Technology makes it possible to send faxes without a fax machine. There are different methods to send faxes from Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail. With these options, you can fax from programs of Google.

If you want to send a fax from Google services for free, you will need a third-party service provider. You may find it difficult to choose the best online fax service. CocoFax can be the best choice for you. See the features of this trustworthy brand.

Send Faxes with CocoFax

For free fax Google service, you can choose CocoFax. It is a cost-effective service for a growing business. With this brand, you can store and view your faxes online. CocoFax allows you to get the advantage of encrypted and secure faxing.

With the creative solutions, it will be easy for you to send faxes from Google services for free. This trustworthy brand can translate between two mediums, such as analog signals and digital signals.

CocoFax has featured on Forbes, PC World, CNET, Toms Guide, Android Authority, etc. There are over millions of satisfied users all over the world using this fax service. At the time of sign up, you can get the advantage of a 30-day free trial. It enables you to choose your fax number.

Send Faxes from Gmail

Sending faxes from Gmail will be really easy. CocoFax can translate important communication from Gmail to fax. It is essential to have a Gmail account, an internet connection, CocoFax account and a free fax number. You will get this number from your online fax service provider.


Step 01: Sign up to get a 30-day trial plan for free and a fax number. Remember, you have to use your same Gmail ID that is registered with CocoFax.

Step 02: Open your Gmail account and compose a new message. For this purpose, write fax number of your receiver along with Attach your fax document and type in a cover letter in the body of the email.

Step 03: Double-check everything and tap on “Send” to send your fax message. After delivering fax, you will get confirmation of successful or failed delivery.

Send Fax from Google Drive

If you want to send a fax from Google Drive, you will need access to CocoFax dashboard. Once you sign up for a free trial of CocoFax, you can open the CocoFax dashboard. Now you can choose an option to attach a Google Drive document to send as a fax.

Wireless Fax

CocoFax is an affordable alternative to in-house fax servers and fax machines. You will find it suitable for high-volume faxing. Keep it in mind that fax machines operate on analog signals and phone cables. Under the traditional method, you will need a landline connection and a fax machine.

Traditional methods can increase the expense of paper, phone cables, ink, etc. With CocoFax, fax machines become a thing of past. Several professionals and businesses use services of CocoFax to send and receive their confidential and vital fax documents.

To send faxes wirelessly, you will need a tablet, smartphone or computer, an internet connection, a CocoFax account, and a fax number. Use a web browser on your computer or phone to manage faxes.

Feel free to use your email clients, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. If you want to send a fax on multiple numbers, you can use commas to separate these numbers. Body of the email will help you to create a cover letter.

International Faxing

CocoFax makes it easy for you to manage fax communications professionally with your international clients. You can use a similar fax number to receive and send international faxes. For international faxing, you will need an exit code.

You have to enter this code at the start of your fax document. This code is based on the country of sender. If you want to send faxes from the USA, your exit code will be 011 to enter at the start of the fax number.

Moreover, you will need a country code to identify the place to send a fax. It will come after the exit code in a fax number. Remember, thou will use the same code that you are using to make international calls.

7 tips to check if a company is reliable to sell your house

Looking To Sell Your Home Right Now? We Have Some Excellent Tips

You make your first mistake when you choose the wrong agent or company to sell your home. That will cause issues right from the start. To make sure that does not happen to you we have some expert tips on how to pick the right one.

1) You need to choose someone who has the right experience, but you also want a personality in the mix too. There are a lot of agents who have experience. The only drawback is they do not have the personality to back it up. You need personality in the mix. You need someone sympathetic and empathetic to your concerns. For more information to find the right people, you can check this view website.

Some people are good at writing up the sale, but they fail when it comes to communication and relating to the client. You want someone who works for you, not the house. That means that some agents and companies only view the dollar signs.

They view the house as the entity only. It is supposed to be the other way around.

2) You want to interview as many people as possible before you pick one. That means more than two, but less than six. You want to see how the two of you connect. Do you have chemistry? Are they just looking at the commission check?

You might connect with the first two people, but you need to interview everyone. You might find that there is someone else on the list you connect with more. Do you trust the person? Do you feel they will be honest with you about everything?

You are choosing the wrong person or company if you answered those two questions with a “no”.

3) Look for referrals too. You need to choose based on more than just the site. Do you know someone on the block that just moved in? Ask them who they chose for their sale. There is no greater endorsement than a previous client.

You also want to talk to someone who is an expert in the area you live in and the one you want to move to. You need honest answers if you are going to sell your home.

4) You also need to pay attention to what your gut is telling you. Your gut often time will pick up on something before the rest of you.

“The Gibb’s gut”

Here comes the NCIS analogy. Gibbs always knows when something is not right. He knows when something is out of whack, even if the evidence is saying otherwise. Sometimes evidence can be misleading. Facts can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. That is why you need to place an equal emphasis on your gut.

Does your gut tell you something is “off” with this agent or firm you are talking to? Your gut is sending you a signal that you should pay attention to. Just because no one else is picking up the same vibes does not mean you are wrong. It just means you can sense things others cannot. Listen to that.

5) Does the office staff love what they do? Are they excited to be there every day? Does the agent feel the passion when they try to sell a home? That passion is key. It will point you in the right direction.

Firms, where the staff tend to be lackadaisical and are just there for the “check”, are not going to fit your needs. Anyone can earn a paycheck for the work they do. Not everyone enjoys what they do. There is a difference.

6) Does the firm come with an adequate support team concerning agents? Firms that only have one or two primary agents doing all the work might not be a safe bet. That means the agents are doing everything, including the mundane office work. They are overworked. That will not work in your favor.

7) You do not want an agent that uses flattery to sell the home. You want someone honest about the risks involved.

7 simple pest control solutions you can do today

Pest control is something we must all deal with to some extent or another, but doing so doesn’t always have to involve paying high-dollar and calling out pest control services. There are lots of ways you yourself can mitigate pest issues, and every one of them is either performed or recommended by the pros. So, in that spirit of DIY, money-saving power, here are seven tips to help get you started.

Screen Vents

Unfortunately, your home’s vents and attached duct systems can become veritable secret highways for all sorts of pests to move through seamlessly. Duct cleaning is one, great option that can help to make indoor air quality better as well, but for pest control, we’re talking vent screens. By installing fine screens on all of the home’s vents, this secret pest highway is shut down for good.

Inspect Entire Home

Before getting too far ahead of ourselves, it’s very important to do a full inspection of the home. Many household pests simply find their way in from the outside through gaps, cracks, and other areas in need of repair attention. How does the siding look? Are the soffits, roof, and chimney all sealed and in good, structural order? Be sure to check all around the home’s foundation as well for possible entry points.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

As touched on above, the sealing up of gaps and cracks is a big part of the easy side of pest control work. Caulk and insulation are some of the key tools here. Backer rod, a tubular insulating foam, is also a helpful tool in filling larger gaps without going through excessive amounts of caulk.

So, where exactly should one look for gaps and cracks? Assuming we’ve fixed all outside issues addressed in the point above, internally, we can look in several, key areas. Check around doors and windows, inside cabinets, where the walls and floors meet, and around all tile and brick work present in the home. Hard-to-see cracks can also be found, in many cases, by simply holding a light piece of tissue paper in the suspected area in order to watch for any slight movement triggered by air passing through any small cracks nearby.

Enlist Natural Plant Power

There is a surprisingly large variety plants out there that does very well at deterring and, in some cases, even killing numerous kinds of pests. Inside and outside, homeowners can use numerous, natural plant extracts to treat and scent against intruders. Additionally, some homeowners really enjoy growing some of these pest-smacking plants, right on site, and letting them do their thing naturally. Petunias, basil, marigolds, lavender, and rosemary are just a few, great examples of popular pest control plants right now.

Treat Perimeters

Perimeter treatment can be as helpful as just about any item of action on this list. By treating the home’s internal and external perimeter, pests must be crazy enough to cross a lethal line in order to dare enter your home, and most will definitely not. There are numerous, manufactured products out there that do the trick very well, while those preferring more natural remedies can find alternate options here as well. Treatments for perimeters typically come in powder or liquid application form.

Mitigate any Moisture Problems

Many don’t necessarily correlate moisture to pests, but there is a very real connection between the two. Many pests, particularly insects, require moisture in order to live and incubate their eggs and young effectively. So, if you have a slow pipe leak under the cabinet you’ve been meaning to take care of but haven’t, you need to get right on it. Plumbing, HVAC, and roofing issues are the most common culprits for allowing moisture in.

Clean Thoroughly

Finally, if cleanliness is godliness, as they say, then that is certainly true when it comes to pests. Pests generally do not like cleanliness. Instead, they thrive on the cover and dinginess of clutter, dirt, debris, and even moisture. These elements being the clear enemy, it’s also clear then that a thorough home-clean is always a significant step toward a pest-free home. Be sure to clean all areas of the home, resolve all unnecessary clutter, and even take heed of carpets that have not been cleaned recently. Carpet cleaning and pest control of many insect types go hand-in-hand.

Effective pest control doesn’t always require lots of money or visits from the pros. You can have a huge hand in how pests are able to enter or stay in your home. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to assuring that pest-free home you deserve.

TOP 5 Ways to Spy Android Phone (2020)

Nowadays, people spend thousands of hours every year on their phone. Hence, their devices could be the best place to know what they are hiding from the world. Instead of hiring a private investigator to do the job for you, you can use a spy app.

These apps are more affordable compared to when you hire a private investigator. In the spy app market, you will come across many brands. Choosing the best ones can be a problem because all of them seem reliable.

But do not worry, choosing won’t be a problem anymore after you read this review. Through extensive research, we have combined a list of five Android spy apps that we think are the best. Ensure that you choose the one that fits you the most.

  1. Spyier

If you are looking for the best free hidden spy apps for android, then Spyier is the best option. That is why it ranks high on the list.

Introduction of the app

Spyier is a universal app used by millions of people in over 190 countries in the world. Why do they use it? First of all, major online brands that include Forbes, Life wire, iGeeksBlog, and many others, recommend this spy app because of the work it does.

You can never go wrong with this spy app

Spyier installation on the target device is simple. You do not need any programming language or software knowledge.

The process begins with creating an account. And since you are installing it in an Android device, you can use any emails, no restrictions, whatsoever. The account creation process has a guide that you can use if you are stuck. Alternatively, you can head to the Spyier homepage to get customer support.

After this, the next thing you need is acquiring the target device. You do not need to root it, which is an indication that the app is safe to use. After successful installation, log in so that the app can go to the background. It will operate from there without the target user’s knowledge.

  1. Spyic

When you need useful spy apps for Android devices, look for one that has a good reputation. Spyic is one of those spy apps that people recommend since it has been in use for years.


The app is fit for any Android device and does not require rooting. Besides that, you can use it to spy on the target device without raising any alarms. The user dashboard is accessible on any browser; hence, it is a good option for anyone that wants an affordable and flawless option.

  1. Cocospy

If you are looking for a spy app with great features, then this is the app to use. Cocospy can spy on any Android device effortlessly.

One thing about Cocospy that makes it stand out is its data policy. The app ensures that all your private data is safe since they use different encryption measures.

Additionally, using the app is affordable. You can select different payment plans available depending on what your needs are.

  1. Phonespector

If your main agenda is to monitor a person’s social media activities, then this is the app to use. Phonespector is excellent at that, and even though it has different features in it, the social media monitoring function on any android device works splendidly.

The spy app is also an affordable option. Users will pay a one-time fee to access all the features within the app. However, beware, it could be dangerous, especially because such apps rarely upgrade or maintain their app regularly.

  1. Phonesheriff

The app is suitable for parents who want to keep watch on what their children are doing with their phones. Nevertheless, it is an easy app to use and install. Simply install it in your target device, and then you can monitor their activities without their knowledge.

Note: the only downfall with this app is that the app does not promise to operate from the background fully. Hence, it could increase your chances of being caught.


It takes a lot of time to choose a good spy app. We have shortened the process and the time used for you. From all apps listed above, in our view, Spyier seems to stand out because of the flawless manner in which it operates. Additionally, it has numerous features that users can enjoy. Hence, it would be the best option for spying on an Android phone.

How to find the best place to send fax near me?


Do you want to send faxes immediately? Fortunately, you can use online fax services to send and receive faxes. Reliable brands like CocoFax are enough to answer where can I fax something near me. From legal documents to job applications, you can send and receive faxes to different places.

CocoFax: A Reliable Service Provider

If you want to send fax from the comfort of your home, you will need CocoFax, an online fax service provider. CocoFax enables you to send faxes through tablets, smartphones and computers. They offer a free fax number and a 30-day free trial period. You will need an email ID to sign up for CocoFax and get your free fax number.

To get a free fax number, check out the CocoFax homepage. Remember, they have millions of loyal users from different parts of the world. You can use CocoFax to fax documents to different parts of the world.

This big brand gets recognition from TechRadar, CNET, Forbes, New York Times and many others. It can be the cheapest solution to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. With CocoFax, you can avoid hidden charges. Feel free to use your email to send and receive faxes.

With the use of CocoFax fax app, you can manage your faxes easily. This reputed brand gives you the freedom to send and receive faxes without buying a fax machine. You can get your free fax number in a few seconds. If you want to enjoy maximum flexibility for fax communications, you will need CocoFax online services.

You can choose between monthly and yearly plans. A premium plan allows you to send almost 400 pages per month. Feel free to start with a free trial period of 30 days. After this period, you have to upgrade your plan to use your fax number permanently.

CocoFax allows you to edit and sign faxes and get the advantage of unlimited, secured storage. With iOS and android apps, you can manage everything from your mobile device. Remember, your faxes will be stored in a secured location.

WiseFax Services

If you want a “pay and go” type service, WiseFax can be the right choice. It will not require you to pay a monthly cost. You can manage your fax needs without hidden fees. With this faxing service, you will get detailed prices before sending a fax.

Price calculation may base on the geographic location of the receiver and number of pages. A fax confirmation will be available to your email address after its successful delivery. With WiseFax, you can send and receive faxes with an app, add-in or browser extension.

Feel free to send faxes from Microsoft Word, Firefox, Google Chrome, Windows 10, macOS, Android, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, Cloud storage and Google Drive. You can send a fax online in a few seconds.

Make sure to upload your document to its app, choose the country of the recipient, enter the fax number of recipient and tap on the send button. Remember, you have to purchase a fax token before signing in to WiseFax.

It is possible to fax Microsoft Office, PDF, Apple Pages, LibreOffice, ScanWritr documents, BMP bitmaps, PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc. In the absence of a fax token, you can use a purchase option to make payments.

Fax Services Near You

FedEx and UPS are available in different parts of the world. These locations have fax machines for customers. You can send and receive international and local faxes from FedEx. They offer a compatibility fax cover sheet, and you will get a printed confirmation for your records.

Moreover, you can receive faxes at the office of FedEx near you. Similar benefits are available at Kinko, UPS and other services. Before using one of these services, you have to pay between $1 and $2 for each fax. The cost may vary to send long-distance fax.

Public Fax Machine

If you want to send faxes occasionally, you can use public fax machines at hostels, hotels and offices of a travel agent. Numerous accommodations offer these facilities to travellers. If your hostel or hotel has an office, you can find a fax machine in this office.

Remember, charges for local and international faxes can be different. Make sure to check the rate for each document before choosing a public fax machine.


How can VPN support Remote working?

Over the last few decades, the business has evolved from a local to a global reach. Today, with the help of the internet, significant stakeholders can connect virtually with the best of vendors, dealers, and even business associates, with just a single click. There are a lot of IT companies who service clients across the Globe; their employees work as consultants at the client’s location and maintain them directly. In such situations, how do the employees access their internal company apps and company network?

Well, the answer is through a VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a program that establishes a safe, encrypted connection, which acts as a concealer over a less secure network, like the free public internet, and thus secures it from being watched by any external body.

However, the role of VPN is beyond just providing security, VPN supports remote working by permitting users to create a safe and secure online connection with a distant computer network from anywhere in the world. VPN generally secures the communication and the activity performed between the user and the company’s computer network.

The only thing that you need to ensure to make your remote working journey smooth is reliable internet connectivity. A weak internet will not allow the linking between user and network possible.

There are a lot of VPN providers in the market. Thus, it is essential to know how to pick the right provider, who can make your remote working experience seamless.

  1. Never Use a Free VPN

If you are traveling from one country to another, then you are sure to bump into a lot of VPN’s. They are quite an attractive option; however, not all free VPN’s can be trusted entirely, as they are not fully encrypted; thus, your data security is not complete. Moreover, there are some free VPN’s that act as a trap; once you latch on to them, the cybercriminals take over your system and steal your critical information.

  1. Is the VPN reliable


While working remotely, if the internet speed is constantly fluctuating, then it will be challenging for you to work and communicate with your company network. VPN’s use a lot of bandwidth for encryptions, thus lowering your internet speed. Accordingly, select a VPN provider that can use multiple internet connections, like Wi-Fi and mobile data. This way, your internet speed will not be compromised, and your work will run smoothly.

  1. Working on all devices

Irrespective of the device you are using, the VPN should work on all, be it Mac or any other laptop. Additionally, the VPN should also operate on iPhone and Android phones. Thus, select a VPN provider that provides you with multiple device connectivity, and the interface is easy to use on all systems.

  1. Ask for a free trial


Few VPN providers offer free trials. Free trials help you understand the product before investing in it. During this period, you can try out the features and determine the functions that you require. NordVPN is one such provider that gives free trials, there are different NordVPN offers available in the market, and their features are also better than the others.

Final Word:

VPN is the perfect solution for remote working; however, one must check for the above criteria before investing in a VPN. A VPN can cost you anywhere between $12-$15 monthly. It is by far the most cost-effective, the safest, and the most recommended option for companies that require excessive remote working.

Using jQuery Need Not Require Compromising With The SEO Performance

A shorthand JavaScript library is called jQuery. This library can be used for different purposes to make the website more attractive to users. This will ensure better SEO results and increased views and impressions. It will result in more traffic and a higher rate of conversions of this traffic into potential customers.

  • The library will help you to stylize all the behavioural elements on your webpage.
  • It will also ensure that you as a website developer stick to the foundation of crawlable HTML code and CSS.

The most significant reason that the developers as well as the SEO Agency Serving NYC while creating a web content prefer languages like jQuery is that it provides additional functionality. It helps them to ensure that the web page produces enhanced user experience that is simply beyond the space of HTML and CSS.

Implementing jQuery

When you implement jQuery, it is important for you to do so in such a manner that it does not compromise the user experience in whatsoever way. In addition to that, you must also ensure that it does not:

  • Increase the page weight or
  • Block valuable content from the crawlers.

Otherwise, it will lower the potential value of your SEO as well as your site. Therefore, you will need to follow a few specific tactics that will save your SEO when you implement jQuery. These are:

  • Managing page size by moving all the jQuery elements out of the in-line code
  • Prioritizing all of the essential HTML and CSS content before executing jQuery elements so that it fully renders
  • Implement fallbacks for those users who simply cannot analyze it
  • Preventing the elements from not fully rendering
  • Ensuring proper filing in the proper sequence
  • Minimizing code and consolidating multiple functions so as to minimalize the number of scripts and
  • Avoiding any conflict with any other programming languages.

All these techniques will not only save your SEO but will also ensure that your efforts pay huge dividends both in the short as well as in the long run.

Parallax scrolling and SEO


The best way to use jQuery to SEO your website is to focus on testing parallax scrolling. This is nothing new nowadays and most of the designers and brands do it when they test for new designs for their webpages. This is because parallax scrolling is perceived to be user-friendly.

However, no matter how Wikipedia defines parallax scrolling, you must remember that it needs to be on a single URL, irrespective of the fact that there are several developers you will come across who will say otherwise. In fact, all those new parallax scrolling pages reside on a single URL even if these are pretty long.

This, however, may cause issues for SEO simply because a single page simply cannot carry all those competitive terms that are useful for the rankings.

  • That means for the sake of maintaining SEO efficacy and functionality you will need to make sure that these specific keywords are strategically spread out across various URLs.
  • This will increase the overall visibility of the site through its internal link architecture.

Keeping this aspect in mind, when you start to design your webpage you may wonder whether or not long scrolling pages will be good for your website and most importantly for your SEO. To clear this doubt from your mind, you will first need to look at a process and structure of parallax scrolling and SEO.

The structure of the page

Parallax scrolling helps to create a more SEO friendly page. The main idea is to create a single page that will have at least three distinct and dissimilar pieces of content. These different pieces will be used by Google for indexing under three different URLs, one for each section. When you test the page for parallax scrolling, you should pay attention to the following structure:

  • The content theory of the test
  • The overview of the test and
  • The jQuery engine explained briefly.

The primary goal is to have the required URLs that need to be indexed to the same page, but make sure that each of it carries its own meta title, meta description and the desired path. You will also need to double-check the visibility for each and every section of the page with a quick phrase search on the content of each such different sections.

The technical bit

You will also need to consider the technical bit of the content that you create to check the theory as well as the working of the pages. This will ensure that each of the section has enough content for Google to find interesting. This will increase the chances of indexation.

In order to make4 it more effective, you will need to divide the main content of the page into three different sections. One of this section will remain always active and all the content in it will be hard-coded within the HTML. On the other hand, the other sections will be considered to be ‘inactive’ and will have their content displayed through jQuery.

This different and unique approach will ensure that the search engine sees that there is no duplication in the content on the page even if it between the different URLs.

The simple schema

The structure of the page should have simple schema as that will help in several different ways such as:

  • It will ensure that the jQuery script realizes the vertical position of the browser.
  • It will also help it to evaluate in which particular section the position lays.
  • While scrolling over the page as well as the changes sections, this script will push the URL of the active section of the content into the address bar of the users and the browser history.
  • This will allow the users to move back and forth and navigate through history.
  • This will inevitably enhance the User Experience.

All these means that the users will love to make a return visit which is one of the most significant parameters to measure SEO.