Aspects of Facebook advertising that every marketer must know

Marketers are attracted to post ads on Facebook because it costs them almost nothing while they get high to reach. The cost of an advertisement depends on the extent of engagement the ads create and its scope. The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising is that it gives your exceptional business outreach without pinching your pockets. […]

How much time you have wasted on FACEBOOK?

Facebook will complete its 10 years of its start on 4th February 2014. Its a Dorm Room project started by Mark Zuckerberg along with few friends as which have attracted more than 1Billion users throughout the world. TIME Magazine have created a calculator which calculates the amount of Time you have wasted on Facebook from […]

Happy 10th Anniversary to you, Facebook

Facebook is one of the Best Social Networking Site that will be celebrating 10th Birthday on 4th February 2014. Mark Zuckerberg has been connecting People for last 10 years are achieving success. Do You Know- Every 1 out of 12 people in this World is connected with Facebook. Even my Mom recently created an account on […]

Trick to Post Stickers to Facebook Wall

Facebook Stickers are one of the Favorite Features of many Users as they are Funny, Cool and HD. But they are only possible to show on Chat Box. Here is a Trick by Khalil using which you can share Stickers on your Wall directly. This is a cool trick using which you can Use the Sticker […]

How to Find the Rank of your Facebook Friends?

There are lots of Spammy apps available on Facebook which shows top friends on Facebook. Those are calculated my the number of connections between both the users. But recently Arjun Sreedharan added a tiny script which will score in a Table. Its very simple. Simply Drag the Link below and add in the Bookmark bar (available […]

Now You can Post GIF Images on Facebook [unofficially]

Facebook never allowed GIF images to show in Timeline. But its now Possible to EMBED GIF images on your Facebook Timeline. GIPHY is an Animated image Gallery website which helps to add GIF Images on your Facebook timeline. You can use any GIF image and click on Share on Facebook Button to embed it your […]

Teacher, Student, Parents n Facebook

In a School there was a 9th Class Student named as Rahul. He usually bunk classes and goto the nearest Internet cafe everyday. Never attend class and cant score good mark in exams also. The teacher was really irritated and many times they have told Rahul to bring his parents to School but he never do so. […]

Google and Facebook : The Creator ya The Destroyer ?

There are lots of Start-ups in the Internet. Now a days their is a large increase of Mobile Phones, Computers and Tablets in the Market. And due to this the number of Start-ups are Growing day to day and the Technology revolution is changing to Open Source or Open System. And this become platform dependent, […]

Latest Facebook Scam engaging Millions of Users online

Most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and Family. As Facebook is highly crowded it has became a Great Platform for Sellers to sell and Promote their Products. And as there are such a Huge amount of consumers and sellers, it is obvious that there will be a lot of Scammers around there. “A Facebook […]

Turn Facebook into a Valuable Marketing Tool

Business owners have already come to realize the power of using Facebook as a great marketing tool. The company gains followers by creating a page that encourages interaction with existing customers and in gain new ones in the process. However, it takes work and a good strategy to make a Facebook page work. Here are […]

Two Step Verfication – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and WordPress

Two Step Verification or Two Factor Authentication is a new security measure to protect your Account from Getting Hacked from the Hackers by Providing another Level of Security. Here along with the Username and Password you have to get verified through your mobile, where a Temporary code will be sent to your Mobile and after […]

What is Two Step Verification in Google or Facebook?

Now a Days Facebook , Google and other Websites are allowing a Two Step Verification for the users for more security of their account. Two Step Verification (also known as Two-Factor Authentication) is a new Security Method which needs two different ways to give your identity. It means you have to pass through two verification […]