How To Lock Your Computer/Laptop Using Mouse

How do you lock your computer/Laptop? You must be using “Windows + L” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to lock your Laptop. Now I am going to tell you a simple trick using which you can lock your computer using your Mouse only. So of you might also knew this trick before. Here we go- 1. Right Click […]

Download OVI Apps directly in your Laptop

We used to download Nokia applications from Nokia OVI Store from our mobile and it took more time and we are unable to send it from bluetooth. Now I am going to tell you a trick in which you can download your OVI application directly in your PC/Laptop. Visit and login or if you dont […]

Repair Your Laptop at Club Laptop

Club Laptop is Laptop Repairing Corporation started in India and It have about  50 branches including a branch in Orissa. What do you do If your laptop breaks down or your LCD goes off. You probably go  to a repairing center and tell them to repair and they take a huge amount to repair it […]

Paid or free – which proxy option to choose?

Free proxies seem to be the best option, but they could also be unreliable; that’s why your device might become prone to security breaches. So, think twice when choosing the proxy type for your laptop or a mobile device. Free proxies are unreliable When your free proxy becomes unreliable, there could be some connectivity issues. […]

How can VPN support Remote working?

Over the last few decades, the business has evolved from a local to a global reach. Today, with the help of the internet, significant stakeholders can connect virtually with the best of vendors, dealers, and even business associates, with just a single click. There are a lot of IT companies who service clients across the […]

All About ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology

Introduction VPN companies offer pages upon pages of reasons why we can trust them with our data. After all, they need to convince us, as it’s our data going through their servers, and some companies are guilty of storing/selling user information they scraped from their VPN. No matter how much you pay for a VPN, […]

7 Common Tax Mistakes Part-Time Students Make in Australia

Being a working student can get quite difficult, juggling both your job and studies. It will be busy and you’ll have a ton of priorities on your plate, including paying taxes. Yes, even as a student, you have to start being responsible with your taxes, which can have you make the most out of tax […]

The Decisive Role of Technology in Education – Know Before You Go!

When it comes to technology, then no doubt it has impacted almost every aspect of life nowadays. So, what about the role of technology in education! Many folks frequently ask different questions regarding the role of tech in education. Similar to other sectors, technology plays a prestigious role in the field of education. Apart from […]

Creating a Retail Space Customers Want to Shop In

While online retail stores might be the thing of the future, the in-person shopping experience is still a large part of the community in towns and cities across the world.  However, now that customers have the option of leisurely shopping from within their own homes, they are a lot more specific about the type of […]

Tips to Protect your company’s Digital Privacy

The year 2018 has seen hackers emboldened by their skills. As a result, they have taken aim at social media giants with millions of personal information of people all over the world. This has led to an increase in the importance of cybersecurity departments in business entities and a spike in the employment of people […]