Facebook Announced Timeline For Pages

Facebook has anounced that the new TimeLine for Pages in Facebook will be love from 30th March for all Facebook pages. Previously Facebook have Activated the Timeline for Public Profile and most of my friend were not happy with that change and wanted to change it back and it was somehow possible for own PC.

Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo from Your Friend Profile Pictures

You must be using the New facebook timeline and must be searching over the internet all the time for a new Cover Picture for your Profile. Previously I have posted about the Top Facebook Profile Cover Picture of 2011. Now If you want to make a unique Cover Photo of your own then it is […]

How to Deactivate/Disable the Facebook Timeline [Working]

Now a days Facebook is changing rapidly. Almost everyday something new is added into them and timeline was one of them. Few days ago Timeline was public and almost 55% of people didnt liked it. Most of my friends asked me about the Deactivation method of the Timeline and I was saying thet it is […]

Can we Deactivate/Disable the New Facebook Timeline?

Yes We can Deactivate – Click here to know- How to Deactivate/Disable the Facebook Timeline [Working]   Today Whole days my friends are asking me questions like “How to deactivate Facebook Timeline?” , How to fet old facebook profile back?”  “How to remove Facebook timeline”  and all those questions . But they failed to get […]

Facebook Timeline Rolls out Worldwide (Finally for 800Million Users)

Facebook finally rolled out its latest service TIMELINE for all 800million users on Thursday. Till now this frature ws available for few people but now it is available for everybody. Timeline allows users to compile and let others see everything they have shared so far, from photos, stories to shared videos, music etc. According to […]

6 Practices You Should Follow Today To Make Your Website Legal-proof

Make Your Website Legal-proof

Building an effective website is important. But what is even more important is that it needs to be legal. Every now and then we hear cases of plagiarism, defamation and other stories doing rounds of websites and their owners. If you want to stay away from them, you need to build a legal and lawful […]

The Benefits of Construction Planning and Scheduling Software

A business which is planned well and follows a set schedule gets more done to gain the goal in sight. But planning and scheduling can be tiresome for some. More often, there is a possibility of losing track of tasks and thus missing out on some important modalities. Leave the manual work behind. Hop on […]

4 Complete Tools and Hacks to Increase Your SEO Productivity

Effective SEO is about being efficient in all your SEO work. You may not have time to handle all tasks if you approach them manually, particularly repetitive tasks. As such, it’s important to invest in tools, scripts and automation tools that can take care of the simple and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on […]