It doesn’t matter whether you have an Android tablet or phone. You need apps, lots of them. And, the kinds of apps you need are productivity apps. You know, the kind of apps that will keep you busy and focused on the work in front of you. But, the problem is that most productivity apps in the Google Play store feel a little like hand-me-downs from Apple’s App store. Even worse, some of them are horribly designed and don’t even work. So, here are five apps for your Droid that you can swear by, not at.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving

This app is perfect for the jetsetter and businessman who is always in the car going somewhere. The augmented driving app assists you while you drive by using a “visual reader” to sense the speed and distance of cars in front of you.

Then, it gives you auditory and visual collision warnings to keep you out of trouble. The app can also record your drive and take geo-tagged snapshots – providing key analytical data of your road trip. You’ll need a solid mount to use the app but, other than that, it works perfectly.


The Vuze Torrent Downloader app that lets you search for, download, and share torrents, from your tablet or phone. The new mobile app sports the same kind of functionality as its desktop cousin, with a clever feature called “categories.” Categories are ways to sort your downloaded files. Once sorted, you can configure the app to automatically transcode those files to other devices. And, here’s where things get cool.

If you’re constantly sharing and downloading files, you can have the app automatically download and sort your stuff according to file type. So, if you’re downloading free podcasts, for example, you can have those podcasts sorted and sent off to your tablet. Once it’s set up, it works seamlessly. Just remember to respect IP.


Ever parked your car in a big parking garage and then later forgot what you did with it? This is the app for you. It uses maps and Google’s location API to keep tabs on where you parked. But, it does much more than this. If you pop into a client’s office for a quick chat, the app will alert you of potential traffic violations (i.e. if you’re parked in an illegal spot) so you can avoid a ticket. It also lets you set a timer so that you don’t get the dreaded parking ticket.

Finally, the app gives you turn-by-turn directions back to your vehicle. The best part? If you pair the app with your car dock or bluetooth system, you can automate everything.

My Measures and Dimensions

When Skitch just won’t cut it, this is the app you need for annotating dimensions and diagrams for a DIY home improvement project. It lets you perfectly annotate with dimension, angles, text boxes and other useful information. You can then save the annotated photos back into the camera roll or the gallery.

Bubble Level

Just because an app is simple, doesn’t mean it’s useless. Bubble level is proof of this. When you need to hang a picture frame, this is the app you want. Lay your phone flat on a surface and it even displays displacement in x-y coordinate degrees.

Amber Newson is a law student with knack for technology. From the basics of using the web for research or leisure to innovative file storage and sharing, she enjoys maximizing systems and apps for productivity and entertainment.