How Android Has Evolved In Last Few Years?

Android as we all know is a Linux based mobile operating system which is capable of running multiple application programs.Android is a very popular technology in mobile these days.  Android was introduced by Google in 2007.

It is mainly designed for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets and computers. Not only for touch screen devices android operating system is also used in televisions, gaming consoles, digital cameras and many other electronic devices.



Android is an open source platform that turns your phone into a powerful web browser, gaming console and personal assistant all in one. In fact, carrying an android phone is like carrying a small size laptop right in your pocket. HTC dream was the first phone to run on android operating system. It was released on 22 October 2008. Lets us try to explore some more on this operating system and how it has evolved in last few years.

How Android created its market?

  • Android market has become the best market for downloading applications. There are thousands of applications available on android market. Almost 450,000 applications are available. Applications can be downloaded from Google play store.
  • Many of the applications are free, if the application costs money you can pay for it using Google Checkout. Android applications are widely used throughout the world. In December 2011 alone around 10 billion applications were downloaded.
  • Growing popularity of android apps has increased the demand of android developers. The need for new applications for Smartphone’s has increased and shows no sign of slowing down. Hence the need for developers of android applications needs to grow.

What all are the Android versions that have been launched?

  • The first smart phone was launched with android version 0.5 milestone 3. After that more than 16 android versions have been released.
  • Nowadays the latest android version used is Android 5.0 Lollipop Though Android 6.0 Marshmallow just released.

It is all about being getting better

  • Today, android is the most widely used operating system in mobile phones. Android phones just keep getting better. Unlike other systems, android does not depend on one company for upgradation. Android is an open source platform i.e. Google and its partners can make improvements constantly.
  • The operating system is known to be more flexible and reliable. With the coming up of Android technology there has been a revolution in mobile technology industry. Android phones have reached 80% of market share. Due to its huge popularity many global mobile companies such as HTC, Samsung, Micromax etc. has started using android operating system in their phones.
  • These phones are considered to be the most affordable phones with great functionality that can easily beat other expensive phones which uses other operating system in their phones. As per recent survey around 450 million android phones were sold in 2013.

The demand of android phones has increased many folds. Android operating systems havealreadybecome the number one operating systems in recent years and it will keep its first rank intact.

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