What do you mean by Rooting? What are the Advantages of Rooting? Why do people root their Phone? These are some of the Common Questions which comes in Mind if you are a  Newbie to the Android World. You must have noticed that Most of the Geek who Explore Android must be talking about Rooting a Android Phone.

What do you Mean by Rooting?

First lemme start with an Example. You are a Computer user and you can Install Softwares, add themes and if you are bit expert in the field, you try to Explore Files in C Drive and use different Tools to Customize and Optimize it. If you created an Guest Account in that Computer and will allow your Friend to access that account then he can Simply play Videos, Games, Music etc but cant access the Admin Panel or change any Stuff on the Computer. So overall their are two Types of Use Accounts on Computer, a Guest User and a Admin.

Similarly if you Own a Android Phone then you are a Guest User bydefault. You can simply add some Third Party Software and play songs, videos, use some other Stuffs and change the Basic setting of the Mobile/Tablet. You cant access the Root Files of the Phone. In order to get the Admin Access you have to Root the Phone. After Rooting the Phone you can get Access to All the Root Files, you can use different ROMs, customize the Phone, Increase Battery life, Optimize and do Tons of Stuffs out their. Got it.

So, Rooting means allow the User to access the Core or Root Files of the OS and tweak it, Optimize it, Customize it and can do whatever he wants. By default a user cant access these files because they may Lead to permanent Damage to the Phone/Tablet. If you are a Geek then you will definitely love these Stuffs and will always try to Explore more about it.

Now we know about the Advantages of Rooting a Phone. Now there are some Disadvantages of Rooting a Phone. Rooting a Phone Immediately void’s the Phone Warranty. It means after Rooting the Phone the Service center will not Repair the Phone and you have to Pay for it. Another disadvantage is that there is a lots of Chance of Bricking the Phone. It means there are lots of change of Damaging the Phone while Rooting it. Some other Disadvantages are it will give Poor Performance if Optimized Wrong and there is a chance of Entering Viruses into the Mobile.

rooting disadvantage


Now its Upto you. If you want to Explore more about Android then you can ROOT it or if you want to Enjoy with as-it-is then its also good.