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I am Likan Patra tireless blogger at When I am not blogging I try to figure out Turing Machines and Finite State Automata conditions :p . My writing bug also makes me contribute to OrissaPost’s science and technology columns. Now that I live my entire life in or around internet its kinda weird to remember I came across internet from a 13yr old kid. My current gadget to hook me up online is Dell Inspirion 15R, its amazing and sucky at the sometime. I got inspired from Bappi Lahri and won the Gold Medal in National Cyber Olympiad, but who knew girls hate smart boys, never attracted any girls interest after that. I so hate you Bappi Lahri, Screw U. But who cares I love my parents and ma sister and they love me. I figured out a while ago that I’m not that good a follower so choose to be inspired instead and there have been many who inspire me. Many who contributed into where I am and what I do, I thank respect and salute them.

After reading this if you are deciding to invite me for lunch lemme tell you I’m strictly vegetarian in the absence of Chicken Tikka Curry blame it on the punjabi’s. 🙂


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