Traffic is the determinant of money you earn from your blog. Budding Bloggers find hard time getting targeted traffic to their blogs. There are many reasons why you are unable to get traffic.

Reasons for Not Getting any Blog Traffic


Content is King: One of the major mistakes newbie bloggers make is using syndicated content (Duplicate content) in their blog posts. Most of the search engines penalize duplicate content by de-indexing the pages which contain duplicate content. If you are relying on Organic traffic, you must avoid plagiarism.

If your blog has useless content, it is unlikely to get any traffic. Readers dig into your posts to find something informative. A well researched blog post which catches reader’s eye will fetch more organic as well as returning traffic.


Search Engine Optimization: No matter how good your articles are, they are useless if they do not have any exposure. Unless you are a professional social marketer, Most of the blog traffic originate from Search Engines.

Keyword Research is the primary task you are supposed to perform. You can’t expect traffic if the topic you choose isn’t what people are looking for. Next up is One Page optimization and then link building.


Social Media: Like any other offline products, even your blog needs some promotion. You can pull considerable amount of traffic through social marketing. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube e.t.c.

Place social bookmarking icons ( Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter e.t.c) on your blog posts. You can see a stunt in your blog traffic. Create pages for your blogs on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. More subscriptions results in more returning visitors.


Conclusion: If you follow the above steps, you can evidence a considerable growth in your blog traffic.

Remember blogging doesn’t generate revenue quickly, it is very profitable in the long run for passive income. If you wish to earn money quickly, You can check outEasy ways to make money.


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