We use WordPress for Blogging. Most of bloggers do because its easy to use, secure, widely flexible in designing and customizing and the best part is its Opensource. But mow some are using WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) which is ofcourse not a Blog.

Here I want to list some alternative use of WordPress which we can make other than Blog-

1. Portfolios – Now there is a lot of Demand on Online Portfolios as it is Portable and highly customization. Previously we usually write codes for creating a Portfolios  but now we dont need to do that. We can make our Own Portfolios using WordPress. You add your Work details and convert your WordPress Blog into a Portfolio. If you want , you can use readymade WordPress theme for the site. Here is an Example- Gridster Lite (Free)

2. eCommerce Site- This is one of the most demand type of website now a Days. If you have something to sell then you can create your own eCommerce site using WordPress and list your products there and sell them online easily. You can categorize the products according to Price Range, Quality, Color etc. The WordPress e-Commerce plugin can be used to convert your site to an eCommerce site.

3. Social Networking- This is an awesome feature. You can convert your wordpress site into a Social networking site easily. You can choose your Topics and customize fully to create your Own Social Networking site. You can make it using  BuddyPress.  Buddypress is a Part of WordPress.

4. Fourms- You can also create a Forum using WordPress. Users can ask questions, answer other questions and engage on the site. You can use  BBPress to convert your WordPress site into a Fully Functional Forum with few clicks.

5. Landing Page- You can create a Landing page where you can link all your Social Accounts, Websites, emails etc at a Single page using WordPress. You can use your Bio Page, Contact page as your Landing page easily.

Hope you learn something new about WordPress and different way you can utilize wordpress, other than Blogging. Thanks