WordPress has become the platform of choice for many website owners, designers, and developers because of how easy it is to use and also how great the websites are. Over the years more and more people have switched over to WordPress and because of many other reasons, including the fact that there have been people working on improving it non-stop. It is an open source platform, so people are allowed to play around with it and make any additions to it that they want. If you are going to be designing a website soon and are thinking of heading over to WordPress, then you are making a wise choice. It doesn’t matter if the design project is for your own website or you have a client that is looking for a professional design. So to help you ensure you are making the right decision, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should.


Plenty of Design and Customization Options

Creating a beautiful design isn’t hard with WordPress. A lot of people think that since WordPress is a content management system, there will most likely be design restrictions. There are none. You can do almost everything you would want to when not using WordPress, which is why it is such a great platform. Not only is it easy for you to use, but you can also have a normal looking website that has a beautiful design.

No Layout Restrictions

Just because WP was originally created people who would like to have their own for blogs, doesn’t mean that you will need to have a blog type layout for your website. You are able to have as many pages as you want, any structure, and anything else you want. You could have a normal website layout, with a blog area where the layout changes… It is really all up to you.

SEO Boosts

We all understand how important it is to be as search engine optimized as possible. The more SEO we have the higher we get ranked, increasing our overall traffic. Well, designing a website through WP will automatically help your SEO because search engines love this platform. It is really easy for their spider to go in and out of each page and to crawl for new content. Not only is it amazing for spiders, but you can also add plugins to provide other SEO related benefits. The plugins can be free and will make a difference.

Continuous Upgrades

Like I mentioned earlier, the WordPress platform is open source, so there are always new features coming out, new themes, and new everything. People are able to find ways to improve WordPress on their own. You will have no problem keeping up with all of the new technologies or techniques because WP will have them available.

They also upgrade their security on a regular basis. Since there will always be the threat of hackers, viruses, and other bad thing… It is important that our website have as much security as possible. WordPress offers excellent security to help your website stay online.


Plugins can make the experience of managing as well as designing a website much easier. Plugins are made to add benefits and features to the website that is being made. You can easily add simple things such as forms, sliders, and social media additions. Beyond the simple stuff, you can also have plugins to help with the more complex stuff such as SEO and analyzing your website’s traffic. A lot of people switched over to WP, simply because of all of the plugin options that are available to help them run the website. There are thousands of different plugins, so anything you can think of will most likely be available.

There are plenty of other reasons why WordPress is a great choice for your next design project. These 5 reasons should give you a big enough push to at least look into the platform a little further and find out some other cool things about it. If you are still a little sketchy about designing on WordPress, you should take a look at some of the well design WP sites that are out there. You will be surprised how great they look while providing a perfect user experience.

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