While creating valuable content for readers is one task, marketing them to potential readers is more essential. Great content ensures that your new visitors develop a relationship with your website that leads into regular visits from them. Online marketing is essential to get the initial buzz around your website and the intangible thing that gets more new visitors to your website. While content is definitely the king in the world of online publishing, marketing has its own well deserved place in this regards.

The job of an online marketer seems pretty daunting to the one who is not aware of the available tools at hand for them. Whatever the task maybe, having the right tools will get the job half done for you. That is also the case for online marketers; a powerful set of tools in their arsenal is always ready to be deployed, making their work smoother and time saving. Below,we will be taking a look at the top free resources and tools for internet marketers.

  1. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb provides great insights for both websites and mobile applications. This free tool lets you track the performance and ranking of a website or any mobile app. Traffic analysis is its main domain and SimilarWeb does not disappoint in doing so.

Track your own website or your competitors’ for detailed insights on global and industry ranking, traffic by geography, referring domains, monthly unique visitors, bounce rate and other such performance reports.

  1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is one of the most popular toolsamong internet marketers. This tool is primarily used for backlinks tracking and keyword researching. You can track your or your competitors’ backlinks and use that information to find relevant domains to link to your website.

The in-depth analysis of the referring domains like their IP addresses, and top performing pageswill help you develop deeper insights into what is not working in your favour, to improve on that area.

  1. Moz


Moz is a tool used by online marketers for SEO and website performance monitoring. Moz has got you covered on all fronts with tools for determining and tracking website rankings, backlinks, social media performance and traffic reports, all in a single place. It provides you with deeper insights into fewer conversions or other SEO issues and the necessary action required for the same.

Subscription to the premium version of Moz analytics will get you access to all of their in-depth analytics and reports.

  1. KISSmetrics


KISSmetrics is one of the most powerfulcustomer intelligence and web analytics tool on the web. Once you login with your Google account, you can start using their trial version for free and gain access to performance reports with their powerful web analytics.

You will gain access to all the essential information you’ll need for understanding the way and the reason your website performs, compared to your competitors’.

  1. SEOpoints


SEOpoints is a fairly new tool for keeping track of all the insights of a website at a single place. Visiting multiple websites for insights doesn’t make sense for online marketers, as they prefer to save time on gathering statistics and spend it well on making the most of that information.

You can access all of the information like website ranking, PageRank, PageSpeed, Moz rankings, social media performance and Alexa rankings all in a single place.

Author bio –A.N.Srikanth is a freelance writer and a contributor at Beebom. He spends most of his time reading his favourite novels and writing for the web.