Blogging is such a Job where you need to be creative and need to create awesome content to make your Blog Successfully. In order to do these things you need to spend much time and to get ideas you need to empty your brain by removing all personal and social topics.


Nowadays its a Unique Trend of Youngsters to have a GirlFriend. They usually have a Girl Friend because they think having a Girl Friend is Cool. I also think so. But if you have a Girl Friend they you may not get time to Create content and generate Ideas. Some of you also have some experience. This is because GirlFriends always need you to spend time with them, go out with them, chat with them, talk with them through mobile phones, etc. etc. After this you will never get time to Blog.

I have seen some bloggers having such type of Problems by which they are not able to make their Blog run successfully. I know you may not agree to these statements unless and until you will have a GF. You can ask any of your friend if he has a GF.

So I have a Best Solution for such problem. Never make GirlFriend ever, rather make a Friend who is a Girl. There is a difference in both the statements. Girlfriend is one who loves you and a Friend who is a Girl is the one who likes you. If you will have a Friend who is a Girl then you can enjoy many moments with them but they will never Force you to do a particular job, they will not talk to you much at night.

And it will be Best if your Friend who is a Girl has a BoyFriend. Because you will be with her as a Best Friend and you can talk to her when you need and you can go out with him when you need. But she will never force you. She will always force her BoyFriend to talk, go out etc. Any if you are a Blogger you will stay online in Facebook and when she will want to chat you can tell her to come on FB and you can chat there easily (no need to send SMS to chat, chat on FB).

Whenever you will be stressed you can call her and she will also not get angry if you will be busy with your work. When you get some time you can ask her to go Out for a Movie or shopping mall. And she will come with you as a Friend. If you have any type of Feeling for her then never express it to her else she will be your GirlFriend and you will be in problem.

You can also get some more advantages of having a Friend who is a Girl. You can know more about it from here-

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