Most of the blogger thinks that getting people in their blog is a hard job but most expert blogger thinks that it is a straightforward process. Getting users in your site and making them stay is much harder. Most visitors come to our site and leaves without going to a different page. When a visitor leaves your site, it increases your site’s bounce rate.

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In this article you may get some of methods to engage consumers in your site by making use of some following tips.

1. Ease of Navigation

First impression is the last impression. Produce or choose any good design theme for the blog so that the theme should grab the interest of visitors. Remember that your theme should be nice and clean and the most importantly it should be easy navigable. It is should be easy for every reader to navigate your site by which they may check out additional posts.Use breadcrumps plugin if you’re using wordpress.

2. Increase Your website Loading Time if slow

The loading time of your blog plays a significant part to lower your blog bounce rate. Site loading time also helps your blog for getting rank in google and also helps to battle with google panda. Do not set too many widgets that are of no use because having too many widgets in your blog will reduce your site loading time. Slow loading rate may set off viewers and your blog might be left by them without examining any post. If you’re using wordpress then use some selected plugins. You can also use some caching plugins like wp superb cache.

3. Interlink your pages

Use related post plugin or interlink another posts in your posts. Interlinking also performs an crucial part in your site for reducing bounce rate. Google also counts your site’s interlinks. You can also use interlink by interlinking certain key words in your post to other post. This is the best approach for interlinking. You can even use the plugin SeoSmartLinks to do this. SeoSmartLinks plugin automatically creates internal links.

4. Do Not Use Too Many Ads

Do not use too many ads within your blog. Too many adverts in your website also affects your bounce rate, your position in search engines like google. Too many ads also change your site loading pace. You should place ads in such a way that it should not become a challenge for a reader. Pop-ups and pop-down ads also frustrate readers.

5. Avoid grammatical errors

Try to avoid maximum grammatical mistakes in your post. They are likely to abandon your web log without reading. Correct all errors in the post before posting it in your website

6. Use Attractive Headlines

Use attractive headlines for your post titles. Use catchy words within your post titles. Choose some alluring headlines by which visitor is interested in read your post further.

If you Follow these Steps then You can Reduce Your Bounce Rate..

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