Comments are an important part of any blog. Bloggers need to know how to handle the comments that are posted for their blog posts. When handled properly, comments can help in increasing the popularity of your blog. Comments can promote real discussions on your blog posts which can even spill on to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This makes more people to know about your blog. But, many bloggers don’t know how to handle the comments posted on their blogs. Below are some of the tips to handle comments on your blogs so that you can promote your blog properly:

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Moderate the Comments Well

Moderate the comments posted on your blog well. Many blog publishing tools allow some kind of blog comment moderation. Moderation helps in building some kind of internal screening for the comments without the need for deleting them completely. It is not true that evey visitor to your blog wants to see their comments appear on your blog immediately. Get to know your blog visitors well before deciding on what is good for both you and them.

Develop External Blog Guidelines

Every blog which desires some participation from its visitors should have a ‘Terms of Use’ document that has the rules that it expects its visitors- especially who want to post comments- should adhere to. Be particular on the type of comments which will not be permissbile for publishing for you. If you don’t put the rules in a written format on your blog, it is not possible for your visitors to know about the commenting guidelines of your blog.

Get Proper Tools that Encourage Blog Commenting

Get proper tools which facilitate proper commenting on your blogs. Commenting tools like ‘CommentLuv’ give lot of benefits to commentators for posting comments on you blog. There are both free and pay versions of these commenting tools. Premium versions give a better speed and more number of controls. You can select either of the versions depending upon your need.

Don’t Waste the Time of Commentators

Don’t waste the time of people who want to post comments on your blogs. Many bloggers are now putting captcha images to be decoded and entered by people who want to post comments on their posts. But, some visitors will be annoyed by the simple sight of captchas. Captchas waste the time of commentators as they need to first carefully understand what is written in them. If they don’t enter the captcha properly, they don’t want to waste their time again with another captcha.

Keep them Coming Back

Try to keep your commentators coming back for more engagement. This can be achieved through ‘Reply me Plugins’, recommending other articles, and asking more questions. ‘Reply me Plugins’ send a mail to the commentator whenever he gets a reply for his comments. Recommending some more articles to your commentators in the comment box will make them to come back seeking more information. Asking reverse questions to the commentators as to what they think about the reply to comment will also make them to come back to check their comments.

Very little information is available regarding the handling of comments on the blogs. The above tips can help bloggers to use the comments posted on their blogs to their advantage.

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