Bloggers have been given a relatively prominent spot at the Fashion Week events held in New York, London, Milan and Paris each season for the last few years. However, some are beginning to question how valuable such coverage might be, as opposed to other forms of digital (and print) journalism.

“London Fashion Week”
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A number of bloggers have succeeded in making a name for themselves via their fashion-focused blogs. The fast turn around of online self-publishing often allows fashion bloggers to be better equipped in staying one step ahead of the trend than many print alternatives. With the latest cell phones incorporating advanced camera technology, bloggers are better equipped than ever before to capture the catwalk shows and other Fashion Week events as they unfold… or are they? As the presence of bloggers becomes ever more noticeable amongst fashion and journalism industry professionals, they might be becoming more influential, but they could also be being made to feel less welcome.

After all, once there are hundreds of non-professional images online of a particular collection online, professional shots quickly lose value – even if their quality is certainly superior. Fashion bloggers might have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to sartorial style, but not all of those invited to attend fashion week have an advanced knowledge of technology.


However, others have argued that the presence of fashion bloggers has made what is often regarded as an elitist industry much more accessible to masses. In addition, many of the practices favoured by bloggers at Fashion Week are now being embraced by professionals, such as live-tweeting throughout shows. Meanwhile, renowned image site Getty has, for the first time, decided to sell Instagram photos – photos taken using the Instagram app to achieve certain effects via a smartphone. Over the coming fashion seasons, we are likely to find out whether this rather unlikely pairing is, in fact, a match made in heaven, or whether professional use of ever-evolving blogger technology could see such coverage handed back to more experienced digital journalists.

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